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Briefs : Electronics & Computers
High-Speed Isolation Board for Flight Hardware Testing

There is a need to provide a portable and cost-effective galvanic isolation between ground support equipment and flight hardware such that any unforeseen voltage differential between ground and power supplies is eliminated. An interface board was designed for use between the ground support...

Briefs : Electronics & Computers
Reliability of Ceramic Column Grid Array Interconnect Packages Under Extreme Temperatures

A paper describes advanced ceramic column grid array (CCGA) packaging interconnects technology test objects that were subjected to extreme temperature thermal cycles. CCGA interconnect electronic package printed wiring boards (PWBs) of polyimide were...

Briefs : Software
3D Orbit Visualization for Earth-Observing Missions

This software visualizes orbit paths for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO), but was designed to be general and applicable to any Earth-observing mission. The software uses the Google Earth user interface to provide a visual mechanism to explore spacecraft orbit paths, ground footprint...

Briefs : Software
MaROS: Web Visualization of Mars Orbiting and Landed Assets

Mars Relay operations currently involve several e-mails and phone calls between lander and orbiter teams in order to settle on an agreed time for performing a communication pass between the landed asset (i.e. rover or lander) and orbiter, then back to Earth. This new application aims to...

Briefs : Software
RAPID: Collaborative Commanding and Monitoring of Lunar Assets

RAPID (Robot Application Programming Interface Delegate) software utilizes highly robust technology to facilitate command-ing and monitoring of lunar assets. RAPID provides the ability for intercenter communication, since these assets are developed in multiple NASA centers.

Briefs : Software
Image Segmentation, Registration, Compression, and Matching

A novel computational framework was developed of a 2D affine invariant matching exploiting a parameter space. Named as affine invariant parameter space (AIPS), the technique can be applied to many image-processing and computer-vision problems, including image registration, template...

Briefs : Software
Image Calibration

Calibrate_Image calibrates images obtained from focal plane arrays so that the output image more accurately represents the observed scene. The function takes as input a degraded image along with a flat field image and a dark frame image produced by the focal plane array and outputs a corrected image. The three most prominent...

Briefs : Software
Rapid ISS Power Availability Simulator

The ISS (International Space Station) Power Resource Officers (PROs) needed a tool to automate the calculation of thousands of ISS power availability simulations used to generate power constraint matrices. Each matrix contains 864 cells, and each cell represents a single power simulation that must be run....

Application Briefs : Software
Software Helps NASA Develop Next-Generation Air Vehicles
PHX ModelCenter® software
Phoenix Integration
Wayne, PA

Phoenix Integration’s PHX ModelCenter® software has been used by NASA to create a robust, physics-based design and analysis framework to be used early in the design...

Briefs : Medical
Blood Pressure Monitoring Tool

The MDMouse system incorporates a pre-existing medical device into a conventional computer control mouse. The tool is designed to measure blood pressure outside of the medical environment, and to provide that information for use by individuals, clinical evaluation companies (CROs), healthcare providers, and...

Articles : Energy
Microinverters Are Launching a Solar Renewable Revolution

Given that solar-photovoltaic (PV) generating technology has been around for decades, one might think its general application in commercial and consumer circles might be a little more pervasive. After all, it is clean, safe, and relatively simple. Ask any expert and it’s likely you’ll...

News : Lighting
Jewel-Toned Organic Phosphorescent Crystals: A New Class of Light-Emitting Material

Pure organic compounds that glow in jewel tones could potentially lead to cheaper, more efficient, and flexible display screens, among other applications. University of Michigan researcher Jinsang Kim and his colleagues have developed a new class of material that...

Articles : Lighting Technology
Polycarbonate Seen As Top Choice for LED Lighting

Glass and transparent plastics, especially acrylic resins, have long been used in the lighting industry for various aesthetic and functional purposes. As the industry has evolved,...

Articles : Lighting Technology
Differences Between Color Measurement Systems

Industry professionals and researchers engaged in the measurement and characterization of light sources are confronted by the age old question — should an instrument be utilized which employs spectroradiometric technology, or should tristimulus colorimetry technology based instruments be used to...

Articles : Lighting
Pursuing Reliable LEDs

Semiconductor-based light-emitting diode (LED) devices first appeared in the 1960s. Today, with the advances in materials, design, and manufacture of LED devices, we are seeing a wide spectrum of LEDs that are cheaper, more colorful, more efficient, more intense, and more reliable.

Briefs : Lighting
Photoluminescent Nanofibers for High-Efficiency Solid-State Lighting

Polymer nanofibers are nanoscale materials whose properties can be adjusted to provide desirable light management performance for high-efficiency solid-state lighting (SSL) luminaires. The polymeric nanofibers at the core of this project have diameters on the order of 100 to...

Briefs : Lighting
White Scattered Photon Extraction LEDs with Multi-Phosphor Layers

Early phosphor-converted white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) produced light with poor color characteristics in terms of color rendering index (CRI) and correlated color temperature (CCT). More recent LEDs have improved their color properties by combining multiple phosphors instead...

Application Briefs : Lighting
Airfield Lighting Heated Lens
Kopp Glass, Pittsburgh, PA

Incandescent lamps have been used as the primary light source in airfield lighting designs for many years. With recent environmental awareness of the general population and government regulation forcing greater energy efficiency, the lighting industry is rapidly transitioning to...

Application Briefs : Lighting
LED Wingtip Navigation Lighting
Honeywell, Phoenix, AZ
Airbus, Toulouse, France

Honeywell's light-emitting diode (LED) wingtip navigation lighting is now standard on new production Airbus A320 Family aircraft, comprising the A318, A319, A320, and A321. Honeywell’s LED wingtip navigation lighting lasts up to 40 times longer than...

Techs for License : Lighting
Extensible Light-Sensing LED Array

This technology involves the use of an extensible array of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a means of sensing incident light levels. The light-sensing LED array can be used to construct highly-dynamic backlights for displays and large-format synthetic aperture cameras.

Products : Lighting
Curvable LED Display

The F-6 curvable LED display from Pixled (Ostend, Belgium) features convex and concave curvability on both the horizontal and vertical planes. The F-6 can be shaped into a combination of both directions on both planes via integrated mechanics on each module. This can be achieved quickly and simply with no additional tools or...

Products : Lighting
LED Array

Cree, Inc. (Durham, NC) offers the XLamp® CXA20 LED array, which can enable a 60-watt A-lamp equivalent while consuming 11 watts. With a single, uniform optical source, compact 22mm x 22mm footprint, and two-screw attachment, the CXA20 array simplifies the manufacturing process for customers who require a single component in their...

Products : Lighting
Self-Retaining LED Mounting Spacers

Self-retaining, T-1 LED mounting spacers designed to assure uniform and perpendicular LED positioning while reducing assembly costs are available from Keystone Electronics Corp. (Astoria, NY). The spacers feature internal retention “teeth” which secure spacers onto LED leads, prior to assembly on PCBs. The...

Products : Lighting
Flexible LED Backlight

Lumex (Palatine, IL) introduces QuantumBrite flexible LED backlight technology. Customizable in any shape, size, and color, QuantumBrite flexible LED backlights are up to 88% thinner and can cost up to 80% less than standard LED backlight technology. The QuantumBrite flexible LED backlight is made out of an ultra-thin...

Products : Lighting
LCD-LED Driver Cross-Reference Guide

Endicott Research Group, Inc. (ERG) (Endicott, NY) has updated its online LCD-LED Driver Cross- Reference Guide. The online guide has datasheets on over 200 drivers supporting more than 150 OEM panels. It has been updated with ERG’s line of full-function drivers for LED-backlit industrial LCDs in the 5.7"...

Products : Lighting
Stacked Flat Type Light Guide Panel

At 6mm thick, the stacked flat type light guide panel from DynaScan Technology (Taipei, Taiwan) is an assembly of simple flat light guides, without any curvature or wedge angle, allowing over 90% light output efficiency. Due to the flat lightguide structure and front space providing an adjustable long...

News : Electronics & Computers
Testing Smart Energy-Management Systems

In the SmartEnergyLab, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg, Germany are investigating how to network various electrical household appliances and operate them remotely. The researchers can analyze, assess, and develop almost any energy-management system for...

News : Transportation
Green Engineering Grant

Today, National Instruments announced its 2011 Green Engineering Grant program for the rapid design, prototyping, and commercialization of new green technology. The grant will provide access to up to $25,000 equivalent in NI LabVIEW graphical system design software tools and training to eligible startups.

News : Energy
Multi-Core Voltage Regulator for Energy-Friendly Data Centers

Harvard graduate student Wonyoung Kim has developed and demonstrated a new device with the potential to reduce the power usage of modern processing chips. The advance could allow the creation of "smarter" smartphones, slimmer laptops, and more energy-friendly data centers.

News : Energy
Self-Cooling Observed in Graphene Electronics

With the first observation of thermoelectric effects at graphene contacts, University of Illinois researchers - led by mechanical science and engineering professor William King and electrical and computer engineering professor Eric Pop - found that graphene transistors have a nanoscale cooling effect...

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