Learn more about ULiSSES, a life-saving device for organ and limb transport.
Dynamic White Papers: Electronics & Computers
5 Ways a Process Signature Reveals Insights from Your Production Line

This 12-minute presentation discusses how the effective use of data taken from the production line is crucial to remaining profitable and competitive. Greater insight can be gained when that data is captured in the form of digital process signatures, which depict...

Tech Talks: Medical
Behind the Curtain: Advanced Textile-Forming Technologies for Medical Devices

The evolution of textile knitting, weaving, and braiding continues to impact the performance of stents, ligaments, sutures, and surgical instrumentation. Original equipment manufacturers will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of how these devices and...

White Papers: Test & Measurement
Effortlessly Achieve Precision Flow Control of CO2 Injection in Beverage Manufacturing

In the beverage production process, precise mass flow control of Carbon Dioxide (C02) is a crucial part of creating high quality brews and beverages. It...

White Papers: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Impact on Fuel Savings from Diesel Engine Cylinder Deactivation maintaining Aftertreatment Temps

Eaton’s Vehicle Group was part of a team that authored “Impact of Cylinder Deactivation and Cylinder Cutout via Flexible Valve Actuation on...

See what a vehicle can do as its data communication rates get faster and faster.
Blog: Sensors/Data Acquisition
By the Lake, a Flying-Fish Robot Takes Off

A lake is usually a picture of serenity, perhaps the last place you’d expect to find a flying-fish robot launching itself 85 feet in the air.

INSIDER: Communications
WiFi Measures Indoor Movement

Researchers from North Carolina State University developed a way to measure speed and distance in indoor environments. WiFi-assisted Inertial Odometry (WIO) uses WiFi as a velocity sensor to accurately track...

INSIDER: Robotics, Automation & Control
Shape-Shifting Robots Built from “Smarticles”

Researchers built robots entirely from smaller robots known as smarticles, unlocking the principles of a potentially new locomotion technique. The smarticles (smart active particles) can...

White Papers: Imaging
The Importance of Accurately Modeling Light Scattering Luminaire Design

The reflected and transmitted scattering of light in a luminaire can play a major role in the performance of the luminaire. Many times, this is the reason the actual...

Question of the Week: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Would You Customize a Product with PhotoChromeleon?

An MIT team came up with a new way of producing a multicolor part: “PhotoChromeleon.” The system’s reprogrammable photochromic ink enables objects to change colors when exposed to ultraviolet and visible light. Watch the demo on Tech Briefs TV.

NASA’s crawler-transporter 2 will carry the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft from the Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Pad 39B for the launch of Artemis 1. One of the few women to...

INSIDER: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Optical Lace Gives Robots a Soft Touch

A synthetic optical lace developed by a Cornell Ph.D. student creates a linked sensory network similar to a biological nervous system. The flexible, porous lattice structure is manufactured from...

A team of undergrad engineers discovered a method that could make materials more resilient against massive shocks such as earthquakes or explosions. The students tested whether...

White Papers: Defense
The 3 Errors in Signal Conditioning

In this white paper, you will learn to identify and avoid three accuracy errors in signal conditioning. High precision sensors and amplifiers are important because of this, especially in industrial...

NASA is set to return to the Moon in 2024. But why the lunar south pole?

It took over 3,000 pouches of spaceflight food, but Timothy Goulette and Hang Xiao ultimately created a mathematical model that NASA will soon use to ensure that its...

White Papers: Robotics, Automation & Control
TE Connectivity: Engineering Next-Generation Mobility

Powertrain electrification and automation will pave the way for a new generation of all-electric, fully autonomous vehicles. At the same time, cloud, big data, and analytics technologies...

Question of the Week: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Are You Lightweighting with Plastics and Composites?

A Tech Briefs webinar this month focused on the idea of lightweighting – or replacing traditionally metal parts, like engine components, with plastics and composites.

Transparent electrodes are a critical component of solar cells and electronic displays. To collect electricity in a solar cell or inject electricity for a display, you need a conductive contact,...

Along with flying and invisibility, high on the list of every child’s aspirational superpowers is the ability to see through or around walls or other visual obstacles. That...

Scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have devised a new process for using nano-particles to build powerful lasers that are more efficient and safer for...

White Papers: Automotive
AP’s Latest Application Note: Testing Automotive Amplifiers

An automobile is a complex system, even when concentrating only on its audio components. Our latest application note is the first in a series from Audio Precision covering...

Tech Talks: Medical
Sterilization of Optical Fibers for Medical Devices: What You Need To Know

Optical fibers are found in many areas of medicine from cardiology to dentistry to medical sensing. Before they’re used in the human body, they must be sterilized to ensure they’re free of microorganisms. This 10-minute presentation reviews a study that...

Diffraction-Limited Aspheric Lenses

Optical Surfaces Ltd. (Surrey, UK) is an international supplier of diffraction-limited aspheric lenses for nuclear research laser...

The days and weeks following a natural disaster are a critical time for residents, emergency response teams, and government entities to recover and rebuild infrastructure....

A novel system developed by MIT researchers automatically “learns” how to schedule data-processing operations across thousands of servers — a task...

From the charging unit for a smartphone to the power supply of a laptop or washing machine to LED lights or the charging station for an electric car...

INSIDER: Electronics & Computers
A New Electrolyte for Lithium-Metal Batteries

Improvements to a class of battery electrolyte first introduced in 2017 — liquefied gas electrolytes — could pave the way to a high-impact and long-sought advance for rechargeable...

Question of the Week
Would You Use a ‘SwingBot?’


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