Corrosion of reinforced steel in concrete structures is a significant problem for NASA due to the close proximity of the structures to salt spray from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. To minimize damage to such structures, coatings were developed that could be applied as liquids to the external surfaces of a substrate in which the metal structures were embedded. The new technology is a different approach to KSC’s Liquid Coating for Prevention of Corrosion in Rebar.

This powder particle technology combines metallic materials into a uniform particle that can be applied to prevent corrosion of rebar embedded in concrete. The resultant powder can be sprayed simultaneously with a liquid binder onto the surface of concrete structures with a uniform distribution of the metallic pigment. This provides optimum cathodic protection of the underlying steel in the concrete.

After the coating is applied to the outer surface of reinforced concrete, an electrical current is established between the metallic particles and the surfaces of the embedded steel rebar. The intrinsic electrochemical properties of the material, which make this metallic pigment perform in a corrosive environment, can be maximized if the materials are uniformly distributed across the concrete surface.

NASA is seeking licensees to commercialize this technology. Contact Kurt Kessel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 321-867-8480 to initiate licensing discussions.