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Advancing Automotive Design With Innovative Collaboration
Choosing the Right Touchscreen Display Technology for Your Control/Automation Process

Who's Who

Dr. Gary Hunter, Intelligence Systems Hardware Lead and Technical Lead of Chemical Sensors, Sensors and Electronics Branch

Products of the Month

HP Z200
Imaging Keyboard
Borescope Camera
Optical Replication
Data Converter
Weld Inspection Scanner
High-Speed Cameras
High-Speed Camera
Infrared Detector
Machine Vision Software

Application Briefs

High-Flex Cable Assembly to Aid Robot Arm in Mars Exploration Program
Avionics Databus to Promote Systems Integration on Orion Vehicle
Imaging System Enables Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Foldable Instrumented Bits for Ultrasonic/Sonic Penetrators
Compact Rare Earth Emitter Hollow Cathode
High-Precision Shape Control of In-Space Deployable Large Membrane/Thin-Shell Reflectors
Rapid Active Sampling Package
Miniature Lightweight Ion Pump

Information Sciences

Software Tool Integrating Data Flow Diagrams and Petri Nets
Reducing the Volume of NASA Earth-Science Data
AutoGen Version 5.0
Time-Tag Generation Script
Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer Product File Readers
Reporting Differences Between Spacecraft Sequence Files
Performance Bounds on Two Concatenated, Interleaved Codes
Mission Reliability Estimation for Repairable Robot Teams
Algorithm for Stabilizing a POD-Based Dynamical System
Parameterizing Coefficients of a POD-Based Dynamical System
Confidence-Based Feature Acquisition
Universal Decoder for PPM of any Order
Metal Vapor Arcing Risk Assessment Tool
Algorithm for Lossless Compression of Calibrated Hyperspectral Imagery
Processing Images of Craters for Spacecraft Navigation


Database for Safety-Oriented Tracking of Chemicals
Optimized Li-Ion Electrolytes Containing Fluorinated Ester Co-Solvents
Probabilistic Multi-Factor Interaction Model for Complex Material Behavior


Processing AIRS Scientific Data Through Level 3
Web-Based Requesting and Scheduling Use of Facilities
Coordinating “Execute” Data for ISS and Space Shuttle

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Inflatable Tubular Structures Rigidized With Foams
Constant-Differential-Pressure Two-Fluid Accumulator

Physical Sciences

Adaptive Nulling for Interferometric Detection of Planets
Cryogenic Transport of High-Pressure-System Recharge Gas
Water-Vapor Raman Lidar System Reaches Higher Altitude
Compact Ku-Band T/R Module for High-Resolution Radar Imaging of Cold Land Processes
Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography With High-Contrast Dielectrics
Stereoscopic Machine-Vision System Using Projected Circles
Wavefront Control and Image Restoration With Less Computing
Wide-Field-of-View, High-Resolution, Stereoscopic Imager
Polarization Imaging Apparatus
Algorithm for Lossless Compression of Calibrated Hyperspectral Imagery


Controlling Devices Using the Ear as an Output Source
Wireless Patient Monitoring Based on Personal Area Networks
Particle Distribution on Webs or Cloths
Apparatus for Cold, Pressurized Biogeochemical Experiments
Hollow Radiopaque Bioactive Microspheres Carry Drugs in Embolization Procedures
Isolation of Resistance-Bearing Microorganisms
Growing B Lymphocytes in a Three-Dimensional Culture System
Liquid Cooling/Warming Garment
Tissuelike 3D Assemblies of Human Broncho-Epithelial Cells
Oscillating Cell Culture Bioreactor
Dual Optics/Ultrasound Imaging and Contrast Media for the Detection and Characterization of Prostate Cancer
Photochemical Tissue Bonding for Military Medical Applications
Magnetic Nanoparticles and Devices for Biomedical Uses
Endotracheal Intubation Device with Built-in Stylet and Colormetric Indicator

Electronics & Computers

Reception of Multiple Telemetry Signals via One Dish Antenna
Space-Qualified Traveling-Wave Tube
Smart Power Supply for Battery-Powered Systems
Parallel Processing of Broad-Band PPM Signals
Inexpensive Implementation of Many Strain Gauges
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Technology for Drilling/Cutting/Separating Materials
Near-Field UHF RFID Systems

NASA Tech Needs

Developing a Commercial Nanoionics Switch for RF Applications

Tech for License

PicoEndo Tethered Endoscope
Flat-Plate Lens Achieves Negative Refraction at 100-nm Resolution