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Beyond 'Smart': The PC Camera Arrives
Going ‘Digital’ Simplifies Medical Device Inspection
Reducing Design Time for Linear Motion Systems
Expanding the Use of Smart Operator Panels
John H. Glenn Research Center
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Who's Who

Dr. Robert Okojie, Research Electronics Engineer, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland OH

Products of the Month

Video Surveillance Camera
CMOS Line Scan Camera
LED Microscope System
Digital Color Camera
USB 2.0 Camera
Vision Inspection Functionality
Tilt Sensor
Vertical Carousel
Duplex Pumps
Linear Motor Stages
DC Servo Motors
Electric Actuators
Motor Driver ICs
Workholding Products
Parallel Grippers
Hydraulic Hand Pumps
Rotary Servo Table
Belt Pulleys
Linear Positioner
Motion Controller
DC Motor
Triaxial Accelerometer
Marc 2011 Simulation Software
Digital Cameras
Green Laser
Ultraviolet Diodes
Optical Power Meter
DC/DC Converters
Isolated Power Factor Corrected Offline Regulator
High-Efficiency 3

Application Briefs

Robots Play Role in Future Aircraft Wing Production
Software Manages Mission Data from Saturn and Mars Exploration
Prototype Helps Astronauts Use Robot on International Space Station
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Umbilical Deployment Device
Graph Theory Roots of Spatial Operators for Kinematics and Dynamics
Spacesuit Soft Upper Torso Sizing Systems
Space Mirror Alignment System
Thermionic Power Cell To Harness Heat Energies for Geothermal Applications

Information Sciences

Framework for Integrating Science Data Processing Algorithms Into Process Control Systems
Base Flow Model Validation
Time Synchronization and Distribution Mechanisms for Space Networks
Minimum Landing Error Powered- Descent Guidance for Planetary Missions
Local Estimators for Spacecraft Formation Flying


Molecular Adsorber Coating


Space Environments Testbed
High-Performance 3D Articulated Robot Display
'In Situ' Surface Characterization

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Cryo-Etched Black Silicon for Use as Optical Black
Correcting Thermal Deformations in an Active Composite Reflector
Advanced CO₂ Removal and Reduction System

Physical Sciences

All-Solid-State 2.45-to-2.78-THz Source
Lidar Luminance Quantizer
Distributed Capacitive Sensor for Sample Mass Measurement
Reflective Occultation Mask for Evaluation of Occulter Designs for Planet Finding
Software-Defined Radio for Space-to-Space Communications


Radiation Protection Using Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Derivatives
PMA-PhyloChip DNA Microarray To Elucidate Viable Microbial Community Structure

Electronics & Computers

SNE Industrial Fieldbus Interface
Cryogenic 160-GHz MMIC Heterodyne Receiver Module
Onboard Interferometric SAR Processor for the Ka-band Radar Interferometer (KaRIn)
XMOS XC-2 Development Board for Mechanical Control and Data Collection
Composite Thermal Switch
Ka-Band, Multi- Gigabit-Per-Second Transceiver
Receiver Gain Modulation Circuit
CoNNeCT Baseband Processor Module
Digital Interface Board to Control Phase and Amplitude of Four Channels
NEXUS Scalable and Distributed Next-Generation Avionics Bus for Space Missions
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Friction Reduction of Steel Surfaces
Improved Efficiency of Jet Engines

NASA Tech Needs

Aeronautics Test Program

Tech for License

Fast-Charge Technology Finds Battery “Sweet Spot”
Technology Produces Electrically Conductive Polyester