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Vibration Isolation in Optical Test Systems
Innovation in Smart Robotics
SENSORS Tech Forum: A “Smart” Sensors Technology Event
Johnson Space Center
Vibration Isolation in Optical Test Systems
Better, Faster Sonar Development With Multiphysics Simulation
When Human-Machine Interfaces and Control Converge
Testing Lenses for Thermal Imagers
NASA Awards 2010 Software of the Year
Smart Phones in Space
NASA Announces New Launch System
Download the Sounds of NASA

Who's Who

Dr. Lin Chambers, Project Scientist, NASA Langley Science Directorate, Hampton, VA

Products of the Month

P3 Series of Thermal Imagers
All-In-One Fluorescence Microscope
Harsh Environment Optical Systems
Light Pipes
Quantum Cascade Laser Driver
Laser Modules
Raman Spectroscopy Spectrometer
Wavelength Meter
Color Sensors
DPSS Lasers
Laser Splicing System
Patterned Optical Coatings
Photoelectric Sensor
Ten-Megapixel Camera
Flat Panel Sensors
Image Sensor
Microscopy High-Speed Camera
Camera and Panomorph Lens
Camera Module
Microscope Camera
Robotic Camera
Digital CCD Camera
Infrared Camera
Microscopy Color Camera
Display Wall-Controller Boards
Electron Microscope System
PC/104-Plus Ethernet LAN
PC/104 Mounting Kits
24 VDC Temperature Controllers
Slim SATA Flash Storage
PCI Express 3.0 Protocol Analyzer
Product of the Month: 3D Laser Confocal Microscope

Application Briefs

Launch Escape System Advances Commercial Human Spaceflight
Capacitive Pressure Sensor Enables Better Combustor Design
Improving Microinverter Performance in Photovoltaic Systems
Using Aspheric Optics in Complex Lens Designs
Smoothing the Wave for High-Power Lasers
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Crush Test Abuse Stand
Force Limit System
Active Response Gravity Offload System
Compact, Two- Sided Structural Cold Plate Configuration
Levitated Duct Fan (LDF) Aircraft Auxiliary Generator
AN Fitting Reconditioning Tool
Wind Turbine Noise Reduction
Draper Station Analysis Tool
Common Bolted Joint Analysis Tool
Commercial Modular Aero-Propulsion System Simulation 40k

Information Sciences

Finding Every Root of a Broad Class of Real, Continuous Functions in a Given Interval
Kalman Orbit Optimized Loop Tracking
Development of Jet Noise Power Spectral Laws
Graphical Language for Data Processing
3D Direct Modeling: Removing Bottlenecks in Simulation
Conceptual Model of Quantities, Units, Dimensions, and Values
The Planning Execution Monitoring Architecture
SSC Engineering Analysis
CCSDS Advanced Orbiting Systems Virtual Channel Access Service for QoS MACHETE Model
Computer-Aided Parallelizer and Optimizer
Global Precipitation Mission Visualization Tool
MatchGUI: A Graphical MATLAB-Based Tool for Automatic Image Co-Registration


Fiber-Reinforced Reactive Nano-Epoxy Composites
Iridium-Doped Ruthenium Oxide Catalyst for Oxygen Evolution
Improved Mo-Re VPS Alloys for High-Temperature Uses
Polymerization Initiated at the Sidewalls of Carbon Nanotubes
Piezoelectrically Enhanced Photocathodes
Metal-Matrix/Hollow-Ceramic-Sphere Composites


Test Generator for MATLAB Simulations
Interplanetary Overlay Network Bundle Protocol Implementation
S-Band POSIX Device Drivers for RTEMS
STRS SpaceWire FPGA Module
Geodetic Strain Analysis Tool
Onboard Short Term Plan Viewer
Link Analysis in the Mission Planning Lab
Multidisciplinary Tool for Systems Analysis of Planetary Entry, Descent, and Landing
GLobal Integrated Design Environment
Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control Visualization Tool
Automated Cryocooler Monitor and Control System Software
Jitter Controller Software
μShell Minimalist Shell for Xilinx Microprocessors
Software Architecture to Support the Evolution of the ISRU RESOLVE Engineering Breadboard Unit 2 (EBU2)
InSAR Scientific Computing Environment
Generalized Software Architecture Applied to the Continuous Lunar Water Separation Process and the Lunar Greenhouse Amplifier
Monitoring Areal Snow Cover Using NASA Satellite Imagery
Bundle Security Protocol for ION
MaROS: Information Management Service
Mission Operations Planning and Scheduling System (MOPSS)
Thermal Protection System Imagery Inspection Management System —TIIMS
Adaptation of G-TAG Software for Validating Touch-and-Go Comet Surface Sampling Design Methodology
Visual PEF Reader — VIPER

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Silicon Carbide Mounts for Fabry-Perot Interferometers
Measuring the In-Process Figure, Final Prescription, and System Alignment of Large Optics and Segmented Mirrors Using Lidar Metrology

Physical Sciences

Dynamic Monitoring of Cleanroom Fallout Using an Air Particle Counter
Fused Reality for Enhanced Flight Test Capabilities
Enhancement to Non-Contacting Stress Measurement of Blade Vibration Frequency
Thermography to Inspect Insulation of Large Cryogenic Tanks
Frame-Transfer Gating Raman Spectroscopy for Time-Resolved Multiscalar Combustion Diagnostics
Phase-Controlled Magnetic Mirror for Wavefront Correction
In-Service Monitoring of Steam Pipe Systems at High Temperatures
Thermal Properties of Microstrain Gauges Used for Protection of Lithium-Ion Cells of Different Designs
Coastal On-line Assessment and Synthesis Tool 2.0
Software Displays Data on Active Regions of the Sun
Control Program and Optical Improvements of Fresnel Microspectrometer
Miniature Laser Magnetometer


Method and Apparatus for Forming Nanodroplets
Rapid Detection of the Varicella Zoster Virus in Saliva
Pulse Oximeter for Mobile Phone Platforms
Multi Bore Flow Restrictor
Bionanomatrix Coating Boosts Biocompatibility of Implants
Thermal Management Solutions for Medical Applications
High-Resolution Ophthalmic Ultrasound System for Ocular Structures
Improved Devices for Collecting Sweat for Chemical Analysis


Low-Power, Self-Calibrated Vector Magnetometer

Electronics & Computers

UAVSAR Active Electronically Scanned Array
Positively Verifying Mating of Previously Unverifiable Flight Connectors
Radiation-Tolerant Intelligent Memory Stack — RTIMS
Ultra-Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
Excitation of a Parallel Plate Waveguide by an Array of Rectangular Waveguides
Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Simulator
FPGA for Power Control of MSL Avionics
Analysis of Microwave Radiation
Analysis of Thermoelectric Phenomena
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Non-Smoke, Non-Halogenated Fire Retardants
Materials That Build Viscosity Upon Dilution with Water

NASA Tech Needs

Establishing a Network of pFab Innovators

Tech for License

Mobile Therapy Systems Deliver Ultrasound to Reduce Pain
Pipe Alignment and Clamping Tool Offers High-Quality Alloy Welding