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NASA Awards 2012 Software of the Year
Economic Development Done Right
Using Multispectral Imaging for Ecological Observations
USB 3.0: Addressing New Challenges in Machine Vision
Factors to Consider When Selecting and Specifying LVDT Linear Position Sensors

Who's Who

Dr. Carlos Calle, Lead Scientist, Electrostatics and Surface Physics Lab, Kennedy Space Center, FL

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: Release 2012b
CNC Machine Controllers
Automation Control Platform
Harmonic Gearhead
Helical Gearbox
Microstepping Drive
Position Sensor
Positioning Stages
Linear Guides
Robotics Simulation Software
Linear Shaft Supports
Speed Controls
Linear Motion Platform
DC Micromotors
Motor Drive Transistors
Motion and Automation Control
Rod-Style Actuators
Linear Positioning Stages
Linear Actuator
Brush Motors
Laser Line Polarizers
Fluorescence Spectrometer
Surveillance Cameras
Light Hazard Meter

Application Briefs

Image Sensors Enable Curiosity to Capture High-Definition Images From Mars
Thermoelectric Cooler Helps Maintain Curiosity’s Temperature
The Eyes of the Mars Curiosity Rover
Connectors Enable Precise Movement of Lunar Robotic Tool Changer
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

JWST Lifting System
Next-Generation Tumbleweed Rover

Information Sciences

Numerical Simulation of Rocket Exhaust Interaction With Lunar Soil
Motion Imagery and Robotics Application (MIRA): Standards-Based Robotics
Particle Filtering for Model- Based Anomaly Detection in Sensor Networks


Description and User Instructions for the Quaternion_to_orbit_v3 Software
Extended Testability Analysis Tool
Interactive 3D Mars Visualization
Software Modules for the Proximity-1 Space Link Interleaved Time Synchronization (PITS) Protocol
Rapid Diagnostics of Onboard Sequences
Mars Relay Lander and Orbiter Overflight Profile Estimation
MER Telemetry Processor
pyam: Python implementation of YaM

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Archway for Radiation and Micrometeorite Occurrence Resistance
Process for Patterning Indium for Bump Bonding
Composite With In Situ Plenums
Pneumatic System for Concentration of Micrometer-Size Lunar Soil

Physical Sciences

4D Light Field Imaging System Using Programmable Aperture
Membrane Shell Reflector Segment Antenna
Radio Frequency Plasma Discharge Lamps for Use as Stable Calibration Light Sources
Device and Container for Reheating and Sterilization
High-Speed Transport of Fluid Drops and Solid Particles via Surface Acoustic Waves
Compact Autonomous Hemispheric Vision System
A Distributive, Non-Destructive, Real-Time Approach to Snowpack Monitoring
Ka-band Digitally Beamformed Airborne Radar Using SweepSAR Technique
Multi-Beam Approach for Accelerating Alignment and Calibration of HyspIRI-Like Imaging Spectrometers


Paralympian ‘Catapults’ to a Silver Medal
Wideband Single-Crystal Transducer for Bone Characterization
3D Scanning for Post-Mastectomy Custom Breast Prosthesis

Electronics & Computers

Pattern Generator for Bench Test of Digital Boards
Feedback Augmented Sub-Ranging (FASR) Quantizer
670-GHz Down- and Up-Converting HEMT-Based Mixers
Real-Time Distributed Embedded Oscillator Operating Frequency Monitoring
Lidar Electro-Optic Beam Switch with a Liquid Crystal Variable Retarder
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Printing Technology for PVA Film
Technologies to Stabilize and Deliver RNA Strands

Tech for License

Conductive Polymers Integrate Antennas Into an Electronic Device Housing
Long-Wave IR Sensors Enable Remote Temperature Measurement