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Network Interface Links Sensor-Web Instruments
Sensor-Web Experiments Advance Earth Science
Using Vacuum Technology to Cool CCDs
Spacesuit Materials Add Comfort to Undergarments

Who's Who

Lora Koenig, Glaciologist, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: The Lantronix® xSenso™ Controller
Laser Cutting System
10 to 1000eV Spectrometer
High-Speed 3D Laser Scanner
Optical Fiber
Fast Axis Collimators
45W UV Laser

Application Briefs

Thermal Management Technologies Keep Satellite Cool
LIDAR System Enables Global Mapping of Carbon Sources
Using Adaptive Optics to Perform Deep-Tissue Cell Imaging
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Microgravity Drill and Anchor System
Miga Aero Actuator and 2D Machined Mechanical Binary Latch
Granular Media-Based Tunable Passive Vibration Suppressor
Wells for In Situ Extraction of Volatiles from Regolith (WIEVR)

Information Sciences

Risk-Constrained Dynamic Programming for Optimal Mars Entry, Descent, and Landing
Dynamic Server-Based KML Code Generator Method for Levelof-Detail Traversal of Geospatial Data
Automated Planning of Science Products Based on Nadir Overflights and Alerts for Onboard and Ground Processing
Distributed Engine Control Empirical/Analytical Verification Tools
Linked Autonomous Interplanetary Satellite Orbit Navigation
Deepak Condenser Model (DeCoM)
Flight Software Math Library
Scheduling Operations for Massive Heterogeneous Clusters
Estimating the Backup Reaction Wheel Orientation Using Reaction Wheel Spin Rates Flight Telemetry from a Spacecraft


Differential Muon Tomography to Continuously Monitor Changes in the Composition of Subsurface Fluids
Conductive Carbon Nanotube Inks for Use with Desktop Inkjet Printing Technology
Enhanced Schapery Theory Software Development for Modeling Failure of Fiber-Reinforced Laminates
High-Performance, Low-Temperature-Operating, Long-Lifetime Aerospace Lubricants
Carbon Nanotube Microarrays Grown on Nanoflake Substrates


ULTRA: Underwater Localization for Transit and Reconnaissance Autonomy
SynGenics Optimization System (SynOptSys)
CFD Script for Rapid TPS Damage Assessment
radEq Add-On Module for CFD Solver Loci-CHEM
Science Opportunity Analyzer (SOA) Version 8
Autonomous Byte Stream Randomizer

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Silicon Micromachined Microlens Array for THz Antennas
Method for Reduction of Silver Biocide Plating on Metal Surfaces

Physical Sciences

Dielectrophoresis-Based Particle Sensor Using Nanoelectrode Arrays
Global Shutter Imaging
Multi-Dimensional Damage Detection for Surfaces and Structures
Autonomous Cryogenic Leak Detector for Improving Launch Site Operations
Submillimeter Planetary Atmospheric Chemistry Exploration Sounder
Micro-XRF for In Situ Geological Exploration of Other Planets
Hydrogen-Enhanced Lunar Oxygen Extraction and Storage Using Only Solar Power
Miniaturized, High-Speed, Modulated X-Ray Source
Uplift of Ionospheric Oxygen Ions During Extreme Magnetic Storms
Hollow-Fiber Spacesuit Water Membrane Evaporator
Recirculating 1-K-Pot for Pulse-Tube Cryostats
Method for Processing Lunar Regolith Using Microwaves


Addressing Compliance Mandates with Product Lifecycle Management
Improving Single-Patient-Use Model with Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff
Automating a Bottling Plant for Reaction Vessels
Intravenous Fluid Generation System


High-Power Single-Mode 2.65-μm InGaAsSb/AlInGaAsSb Diode Lasers
A Hybrid Fiber/Solid-State Regenerative Amplifier with Tunable Pulse Widths for Satellite Laser Ranging
X-Ray Diffractive Optics
Optical Device for Converting a Laser Beam Into Two Co-aligned but Oppositely Directed Beams

Electronics & Computers

Forward-Looking IED Detector Ground Penetrating Radar
Battery Charge Equalizer with Transformer Array
An Efficient, Highly Flexible Multi-Channel Digital Downconverter Architecture
Fully Printed, Flexible, Phased Array Antenna for Lunar Surface Communication
Dimmable Electronic Ballast for a Gas Discharge Lamp
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Industrial-Scale Gas Separation
Low-Water Cleaning

Tech for License

Safety Glass Offers Near-Infrared Heat Reflection
Microwave System Accelerates Concrete Curing