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Products of Tomorrow: September 2017
DIGITALIZATION: The New Critical Success Factor
Carbon Nanotube Resin Shores Up Boats and Bikes
National Institutes of Health

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: September 2017

Application Briefs

Linear Encoders Enable More Accurate Observation of the Sun
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Self-Regulating, Freezable Heat Exchanger for Spacecraft
Low-Power, Lightweight, Ultra-Compact Reverse Water Gas Shift Reactor
Inflatable Airlock Technologies
Carbon Nanotube Purification
Passive High-Temperature Sealing Device
Tamper-Indicating Bolt


Ultralight, Scalable, High-Temperature-Resilient Ceramic Nanofiber Sponges
Water-Based, Recyclable Membrane Filters all Types of Nanoparticles
Using Sunlight to Activate the Flow of Electrical Current in a New Material
New Materials Could Turn Water into Solar Fuel
Modified Surface Having Low Adhesion Properties to Mitigate Insect Residue Adhesion
Microfabricated Particles as MRI Contrast Agents
Self-Protected, Low-Temperature Nanosolder
Resistive Heating-Assisted Infiltration and Cure (RHAIC) for Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Structural Composites


Software Suite for Identifying Suspicious Individuals
Optimized Route Finding for Air and Ground Vehicles
Automated Transfer Function Generator
Python Interface to Dual-Pol Radar Algorithms (DualPol)
Sound Lab (SLAB) Version 5
CornerStone Knowledge Acquisition and Synthesis Framework
Middle-Out Graph Analytics
NetEgg: Automated Code Generation for Software-Defined Networks
Robust Method for Data Protection and Change Detection

Test & Measurement

Portable Kit Recovers Traces of Chemical Evidence
Overspeed Protection for Turbine Flowmeters in Cryogenic Applications
Handheld Device with Reagents for Detection and Diagnostics
Thermal Micro-Extraction Laboratory
Container Screening Device (CSD)

Electronics & Computers

Nanowire “Inks” for Paper-Based Printable Electronics
Electrically Conducting Nanoscale Sheets for Reconfigurable Electronics
3D Chip Combines Computing and Data Storage
Shaper Design in CMOS for High Dynamic Range


Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection Propulsion System
Towed-Glider Airborne Launch System Cuts Costs and Increases Efficiency and Safety
Multi-Pulse Motor (MPM) for Use with Electric Solid Propellants (ESP)
Rotary Piston Engine
Green Liquid Monopropellant Thruster for In-Space Propulsion
Photonics & Imaging Technology


Carbon Nanotube-Based Coatings Provide Extremely-High Surface Emissivity
Flexible Liquid Lens Simplifies Inspection


Camera Trends 2017
How to Test Devices Used in Optical Communications Systems


X-Ray Scattering Constructs 3D Images of Nanoparticle Grains
High-Resolution Imaging with Conventional Microscopes
Cinematography on the Fly
Microscope Can Scan Tumors During Surgery
New Microscopy Method Breaks Color Barrier of Optical Imaging
Changing the Nature of Optics in One Step
Neuroimaging Technique May Help Predict Autism Among High-Risk Infants
New Microscope Uses Adaptable Mirror to Create Clearer Images
Sensor Technology


Self-Powered Wireless Sensors in the Industrial Internet of Things
Networking the IoT with IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN


Surgeons Can Feel a Robot's Grip


Optical Sensor for Unknown Gas Detection
Occupancy Sensing Using Wi-Fi Routers
Expert in A Suitcase Cuts Power Bills 10% In Small Commercial Buildings
Clean Water with Sandia Sensor Solution
Project Helps Provide More Precise Detection and Understanding of Seismic Activity In Oklahoma
Flying Metal Detectors?
Printed Sensors Monitor Tire Wear in Real Time