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From NASA to NASCAR: Space-Age Technology Finds Its Way into Auto Racing
Machine Vision and Smart Cameras: Powerful Tools for Machine Builders
Enhancing Image Clarity in the SWIR

Who's Who

Edward Austin, SOFIA Science Systems Project Manager

Products of the Month

6-GHz NI USB-5680
TFT LCD Display
DGy Codecs
Vision-Based Wafer Pre-Aligner
Inspection Zoom Lens
Sunlight-Readable TFT Modules
1.4 Megapixel Area Camera

Application Briefs

Instrument Unit Avionics Selected for NASA’s Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle
Head-Worn Display Technology Developed for Emerging Air Transportation System
Medical X-Ray Imaging System Improves Patient Diagnosis
Off-the-shelf Components Upgrade Analog X-ray Equipment
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Split-Block Waveguide Polarization Twist for 220 to 325 GHz

Mechanics & Machinery

Integrated Force Method for Indeterminate Structures
Conical Bearingless Motor/Generators

Information Sciences

Pattern-Recognition System for Approaching a Known Target
Orchestrator Telemetry Processing Pipeline
Scheme for Quantum Computing Immune to Decoherence
Ring Bus Architecture for a Solid-State Recorder
Image Compression Algorithm Altered To Improve Stereo Ranging


LiCoPO₄ Cathode Layers for Thin-Film Batteries
High-Temperature SMAs for Actuator Applications

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Ski Binding Prototype Designed and Tested with FEA Software

Physical Sciences

WRATS Integrated Data Acquisition System
Shaping Diffraction-Grating Grooves To Optimize Efficiency
Low-Light-Shift Cesium Fountain Without Mechanical Shutters
Model of Image Artifacts From Dust Particles
Nanostructures Exploit Hybrid-Polariton Resonances
Microfluidics, Chromatography, and Atomic-Force Microscopy
Spin-Stabilized Microsatellites With Solar Concentrators
Magnetic Compensation for Second-Order Doppler Shift in LITS


Carbon-Nanotube-Based Electrodes for Biomedical Applications
Using Hyperspectral Imagery To Identify Turfgrass Stresses
Compact Directional Microwave Antenna for Localized Heating

Electronics & Computers

Breadboard Signal Processor for Arraying DSN Antennas
Digital Receiver Phase Meter
Nano-Multiplication-Region Avalanche Photodiodes and Arrays
Disabling CNT Electronic Devices by Use of Electron Beams
Tailored Asymmetry for Enhanced Coupling to WGM Resonators
Phase Calibration of Antenna Arrays Aimed at Spacecraft
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Topical Delivery for Analgesic Medications
Heating Different Zones of Food in a Microwave Oven

Tech for License

Detecting Your Level of Hydration
High-Production Suction Head for Mud, Sludge, and Sewerage Dredging