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Three Strategies for Building Efficient Test Systems
Selecting the Optimal Vision Equipment to Meet Automation Needs
Machine Vision Advances Benefit Motion Applications
Vision Advances Improve Optical Inspection

Who's Who

Bill Thigpen, Engineering Branch Chief of NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Division

Products of the Month

iMonitor 2.0
Linear Positioning Stage
Piezo Motor
Variable Frequency Drive
Linear Positioning Stage
Brushless DC Motor
Infrared camera
Motion Control Software
Multi-Rib Belt

Application Briefs

NASA Probes Gather Solar Information
Spacecraft Leak Detection System Uses Ultrasonic Sensors
Cognex Machine Vision System Helps Meister Reduce Part Defects
IDS Camera Automates Inspection
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Lower-Dark-Current, Higher-Blue-Response CMOS Imagers

Mechanics & Machinery

Dynamic Method For Identifying Collected Sample Mass
Improved Relief Valve Would Be Less Susceptible to Failure
Using Composite Materials in a Cryogenic Pump
Safety Modification of Cam-and-Groove Hose Coupling
FIDO-Class Development Rover

Information Sciences

Visual Data Analysis for Satellites
A Data Type for Efficient Representation of Other Data Types
Providing Goal-Based Autonomy for Commanding a Spacecraft
Optimal Planning and Problem-Solving
Attitude-Control Algorithm for Minimizing Maneuver Execution Errors
Grants Document-Generation System
Automated Production of Movies on a Cluster of Computers


Precipitation-Strengthened, High-Temperature, High-Force Shape Memory Alloys
Heat-Storage Modules Containing LiNO3•3H2O and Graphite Foam

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Fabricating Large-Area Sheets of Single-Layer Graphene by CVD
Heat Transfer Analysis for Optimizing Solar Cell Casting Equipment

Physical Sciences

Two-Camera Acquisition and Tracking of a Flying Target
Smaller, Lower-Power Fast-Neutron Scintillation Detectors
Particle-Charge Spectrometer
Rotationally Vibrating Electric-Field Mill
Estimating Hardness From the USDC Tool-Bit Temperature Rise


Using Electronic Noses To Detect Tumors During Neurosurgery
Producing Newborn Synchronous Mammalian Cells

Electronics & Computers

Hand-Held Ultrasonic Instrument for Reading Matrix Symbols
Customizable Digital Receivers for Radar
Broadband Microstrip-to-Coplanar Strip Double-Y Balun
A Topographical Lidar System for Terrain-Relative Navigation
Electronic Switch Arrays for Managing Microbattery Arrays
Programmable Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker and Tester
Support for Diagnosis of Custom Computer Hardware
Tone-Based Command of Deep Space Probes Using Ground Antennas
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Gripping Hand or Chuck Technology for Automated Applications
Natural Technology for Food Preservation

NASA Tech Needs

High-End Computing Resources to Pioneer the Future in Space Exploration, Scientific Discovery, and Aeronautics Research

Tech for License

Platform Technology for Electromechanical Position Sensor
Dispelling Light Sources