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Creating and Deploying a Drop-in Network
Flowmeters Are Not All Alike
Mechanical Carbon Machine Parts Ease Liquid Handling
Interlaced Goes Digital: Combining Interlaced Sensors With a Digital Interface

Who's Who

Garrett Reisman, Astronaut, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Products of the Month

Model 3390
Thin Motor
Heavy-Duty Slide
Hose Products Quick Reference Guide
Ball Valve
Digital Pump Drives
Positioning Drive
Rotary Stage
Servo Drives
Solenoid Valves
Borst Adapters
Linear Actuator
Piezo Amplifier Module
Linear Indexing Drive
Motor Feedback System
Motion Control Processor
I/O Module
X-Ray Camera
Digital Video Recorder
FPGA Vision Platform
CCTV Conversion Software
Vision-Equipped Robots
Smart Cameras
Machine Vision Software

Application Briefs

Coded Mask Instruments Key to HETE-2 Satellite’s Gamma-Ray Burst Discoveries
System Provides Critical Communications Among Stennis Rocket Test Team Members
Computational Fluid Dynamics Aids Aerospace Apps
Computational Fluid Dynamics Aids Aerospace Apps
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Logic Gates Made of N-Channel JFETs and Epitaxial Resistors

Mechanics & Machinery

Deployable Crew Quarters
Nonventing, Regenerable, Lightweight Heat Absorber
“Bootstrap” Configuration for Multistage Pulse-Tube Coolers
Miniature High-Force, Long-Stroke SMA Linear Actuators
Reducing Liquid Loss During Ullage Venting in Microgravity
Demisable Reaction-Wheel Assembly

Information Sciences

Multibeam Altimeter Navigation Update Using Faceted Shape Model
MODIS Atmospheric Data Handler
Reducing Surface Clutter in Cloud Profiling Radar Data
Specialized Color Function for Display of Signed Data
Spatial and Temporal Low-Dimensional Models for Fluid Flow


Oxide Fiber Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Cells
Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Methane
Progress Toward Making Epoxy/Carbon-Nanotube Composites
Heterogeneous Superconducting Low-Noise Sensing Coils
Predicting Properties of Unidirectional-Nanofiber Composites


Distributing Data to Hand-Held Devices in a Wireless Network
Converting EOS Data From HDF-EOS to netCDF
HDF-EOS 2 and HDF-EOS 5 Compatibility Library
HDF-EOS Web Server
HDF-EOS 5 Validator
XML DTD and Schemas for HDF-EOS
Converting From XML to HDF-EOS
Simulating Attitudes and Trajectories of Multiple Spacecraft
Delivering Alert Messages to Members of a Work Force

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Sealing and External Sterilization of a Sample Container
System for Removing Pollutants From Incinerator Exhaust

Physical Sciences

Accuracy versus Resolution in Analyzing System Errors
Range Imaging Without Moving Parts
Advanced Land Imager Assessment System
Delivering Images for Mars Rover Science Planning

Electronics & Computers

Crew Activity Analyzer
Spaceborne Hybrid-FPGA System for Processing FTIR Data
FPGA Coprocessor for Accelerated Classification of Images
SiC JFET Transistor Circuit Model for Extreme Temperature Range
TDR Using Autocorrelation and Varying-Duration Pulses
Update on Development of SiC Multi-Chip Power Modules
Radio Ranging System for Guidance of Approaching Spacecraft
Improved Short-Circuit Protection for Power Cells in Series
Communication Limits Due to Photon-Detector Jitter
Electromagnetically Clean Solar Arrays
Ka-Band Transponder for Deep-Space Radio Science
Replication of Space-Shuttle Computers in FPGAs and ASICs
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Masking of Bitter Ingredients
Alternative Approaches to Basis Weight Reduction in Paper

NASA Tech Needs

Large Aperture Inflatable/Deployable Antennas and Their Role in NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration and Earth Science

Tech for License

Page-Rendering Software for eBooks and Manufacturers
Anti-Reflective Coating for Films