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Beyond the Box: A Software-Defined Approach to RF Testing
Introduction to Linear Actuators
Fluid Handling Products Gain in Performance, Efficiency

Who's Who

Allen Parker, Systems Engineer, Advanced Structures and Measurement Group, Dryden Flight Research Center

Products of the Month

Ultra-Portable Data Acquisition System
Piston Pump
Heavy-Duty Slide
Servo Coupling
Pressure Control Valve
Two-Way Valves
Fluid Sensor
Intelligent Actuator
Linear Motor Stage
Linear Stage
Inductive Encoder

Application Briefs

Assembly Machines Produce Optics for NASA’s NuSTAR Telescope
CCD Imaging Sensors Aid Hubble in Exploring the Universe
HAWE Hydraulic Valves Improve Maintenance for Conveyor Application Systems
Spiralock Fasteners Safeguard Reliability for Medical Lasers and Implants

Eye on Innovation

The Opportunity of Economic Uncertainty
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Efficient Multiplexer FPGA Block Structures Based on G⁴FETs
VLSI Microsystem for Rapid Bioinformatic Pattern Recognition
Low-Noise Amplifier for 100 to 180 GHz

Mechanics & Machinery

Collecting Ground Samples for Balloon-Borne Instruments
Tethered Pyrotechnic Apparatus for Acquiring a Ground Sample
Reducing Aerodynamic Drag on Empty Open Cargo Vehicles
Rotary Percussive Auto-Gopher for Deep Drilling and Sampling
Thermostatic Valves Containing Silicone-Oil Actuators
More About Reconfigurable Exploratory Robotic Vehicles

Information Sciences

Aligning a Receiving Antenna Array To Reduce Interference
Algorithm for Detecting a Bright Spot in an Image
Extreme Programming: Maestro Style
Adaptive Behavior for Mobile Robots
Protocol for Communication Networking for Formation Flying
Planning Complex Sequences Using Compressed Representations
Self-Supervised Learning of Terrain Traversability From Proprioceptive Sensors


Cyclic Oxidation Behavior of CuCrAl Cold-Sprayed Coatings for Reusable Launch Vehicles
Ceramic Fiber Structures for Cryogenic Load-Bearing Applications
Elastomer Reinforced With Carbon Nanotubes
Improving Heat Flux Performance of Flat Surface in Spray-Cooling Systems
Treating Fibrous Insulation To Reduce Thermal Conductivity
Silica-Aerogel Composites Opacified With La0.7Sr0.3MnO3
Biologically Inspired Purification and Dispersion of SWCNTs
Quantifying Airborne Hydrogen in Nearly Real Time

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Inert Welding/Brazing Gas Filters and Dryers
Fabricating Copper Nanotubes by Electrodeposition
Improved Fabrication of Ceramic Matrix Composite/Foam Core Integrated Structures

Physical Sciences

A Technique for Adjusting Eigenfrequencies of WGM Resonators
Low-Pressure, Field-Ionizing Mass Spectrometer
Modifying Operating Cycles To Increase Stability in a LITS
Chamber for Simulating Martian and Terrestrial Environments

Electronics & Computers

Enhanced Video-Oculography System
Joint Carrier-Phase Synchronization and LDPC Decoding
Dual-Polarization, Sideband-Separating, Balanced Receiver for 1.5 THz
Modular Battery Charge Controller
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Anchoring Technology to Hold an Active Ingredient Within a Targeted Depth of Soil
Dissolvable Paper/Packaging Material

NASA Tech Needs

Rocket Engine Altitude Simulation Technologies

Tech for License

Fluorinated ZDDP Improves Mileage and Reduces Engine Wear
Real-Time Dogfight Guiding System