In December, we asked NASA Tech Briefs readers to select the one product from our 12 Products of the Month that they thought was the most significant new introduction to the design engineering community in 2012. Thanks to all of our readers who voted, and here are your winners for the 2012 NASA Tech Briefs’ Readers’ Choice Product of the Year:


Wakefield, RI

DEWE2 Data Acquisition Platforms

The DEWE2 series of data acquisition platforms features TRION modules that are inserted from the front of the chassis, and can be changed by the user in seconds. The modules combine the modularity of PXI with a front panel that contains 8RJ45 connectors, IEPE sensor connectors, or isolated high-voltage inputs. 


Northampton, MA

Origin & OriginPro Version 8.6

Origin and OriginPro Version 8.6 graphing and data analysis software features increased data storage and “gadgets” that provide an intuitive user interface for immediately performing data analysis on a selected region of data in a graph. 


Concord, MA

SpaceClaim Engineer 2012

SpaceClaim Engineer 2012 3D direct modeling software features new capabilities in reverse engineering, model preparation for simulation, manufacturing, and data reuse. A set of 2D and 3D curve repair tools facilitates working with existing drawings and wireframe data, and converting them to solid models.