Octoplant Data Management Platform


AUVESY-MDT, Landau in der Pfalz, Germany, is releasing octoplant, the next level of development of the versiondog and AutoSave solution. Octoplant is a new data management platform that provides a vendor-independent and comprehensive view of all automation backup processes involving OT and IT. Users are protected against production downtime, data loss, and also experience significantly increased cyber security. Consisting of eight function sets, octoplant is tailored to different industrial needs and uses dashboards to display the various statuses of the plant clearly and precisely.

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Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor

36 sensor series

The new 36 sensor series from Leuze Electronics, Inc, New Hudson, MI, detects objects even at large operating ranges. They detect objects with different optical properties — even at a great distance, with vibration, ambient lighting, or soiling. The advantage for system manufacturers and operators: The cost-optimized 36 series is an economically attractive solution, especially in the case of highly automated systems with a large number of sensors. They are available as retro-reflective photoelectric sensors (up to 17 meters).

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Motion Control System

FIGARO series motion control system

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc (OES), Van Nuys, CA, is introducing the FIGARO series motion control system to complement Optimal Engineering Systems’ growing line of single and multi-axis positioning stages. It is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play, cost effective solution motion controller. The standard 1, 2, 3, and 4 axis FIGARO Motion Control Systems are available as compact, countertop enclosures or 19-inch rack mounts (shown) for stepper motors, dc servo motors with quadrature incremental encoders, three-phase brushless dc servo motors with quadrature incremental encoders, Hall effect Sensors, or voice coil motors with linear encoders. Additionally, the FIGARO series can be configured with any combination of drivers for steppers, dc servos, and bldc motors.

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Asset Health Monitoring

Sensata IQ platform

Sensata Technologies, Swindon, UK, announced the new Sensata IQ platform that makes it easy to deploy asset health monitoring to prevent unplanned downtime within manufacturing environments. Sensata IQ delivers a cost effective, easy-to-install solution that enables factory managers and maintenance engineers to intuitively monitor all their assets from anywhere, including on a smartphone, PC, or tablet. The cloud-based platform uses artificial intelligence to process data from a broad portfolio of Sensata IoT devices and qualified third-party sensors to gain insights into the health of each asset. Sensata IQ, enables plant managers to get reliable and easy-to understand alerts regarding their facility’s equipment health before assets fail.

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Industrial Gateway

Industrial Gateway

The Industrial Gateway from Weidmuller Inc., Richmond, VA, provides a cost-effective, flexible solution for every system integrator, whether you are moving toward digitalization and Industry 4.0, connecting legacy devices, or integrating new machines. With the capability of supporting up to 12 protocols simultaneously, the Industrial Gateway, serving as a client/master (only), can establish communication across multiple data sources, move thousands of tags, and bridge communication gaps between Ethernet and/or serial devices, all within one gateway. It includes an integrated web-based configuration — no additional programming software is required.

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Pre-Calibrated Linear Position Sensors

Pre-Calibrated Linear Position Sensors

Pre-Calibrated Linear Position Sensors from NewTek Sensor Solutions, Pennsauken, NJ, serve as long-term replacements for potentiometers. As potentiometers rely on mechanical contact to provide position feedback, components wear out and are affected by heat, vibration, and humidity, making output progressively noisier and unreliable over time. Non-contacting and with no parts to wear out, NewTek LVDT Position Sensors offer frictionless operation and do not drift or get noisy even over extended periods. The excellent repeatability, temperature resistance, and resolution of LVDTs are critical for industrial applications that require measurement of very small movements such as TIR measurements, thermal expansion, and dimension quality.

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Chromatic Confocal Non-Contact Sensor


Marposs Corp., Auburn Hills, MI, has announced the availability of its high-performance STIL MPLS-DM sensor. This non-contact sensor enables very fast, high-resolution gauging of distance, roughness, thickness, and shape of all materials including transparent and polished mirror surfaces such as glass, plastic, or silicon wafers, as well as liquids such as paint film. The MPLS-DM provides high quality control and working frequencies up to 2kHz in standard mode or up to 6kHz with a reduced range of the sensor. It offers 180 measuring points aligned along a line ranging from 1 to 12 millimeters and minimum measurable thickness capability of 18 pm to 300 pm, depending upon the model.

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Multi-Frequency GNSS Receiver

GPS/GNSS positioning receiver

A GPS/GNSS positioning receiver from Septenrio NV, Leuven Belgium, provides accurate and affordable navigation. But it is crucial to understand vulnerabilities of these sensors and the effect they could have on the navigation system. They are used for automation and robotization in many industries, from agriculture and delivery drones to self-driving cars. Spoofing is a real threat to GNSS-based INS systems, so it is critical that receivers are designed to be resilient to GNSS vulnerabilities such as jamming and spoofing. Taking advantage of robust GNSS technology is also cost effective, allowing companies to focus their development on sensor fusion and navigation.

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RTD Scanner Indicators

PMD-MXT series of RTD scanner indicators

Harold G. Schaevitz Industries LLC, Bloomfield Hills, MI, has expanded its line of measurement and control instrumentation with the addition of the model PMD-MXT series of RTD scanner indicators. This 32 Channel microprocessor-based temperature scanner provides continuous monitoring of up to 32 channels of RTD sensors. The large 14 mm tall digit red LED display is easy to read, even at a distance. Rows of LED annunciators warn of specific channel alarm conditions. The scanner has two user-selectable HI/LO, HI/HI, or LO/LO alarm set points, configured through the front panel push buttons. During an alarm condition, a front panel LED annunciator is enabled, and an internal 2 Amp relay contact output is engaged.

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Wireless Local Alert

ALTA Wireless Local Alert

The ALTA Wireless Local Alert from Monnit Corp, South Salt Lake, UT, provides three ways to notify people about critical changes and sensor readings from your Monnit IoT network. The Local Alert flashes a red LED, sounds an audible alarm, and displays the important message upon receiving a notification. The Local Alert can also display sensor readings from any sensor on the same account. Simply add the Local Alert to a network in your iMonnit account, and it will automatically be in the list of devices that can receive messages from a sensor via a gateway. When setting up notifications to the Local Alert, you can choose what the device should do when it receives a message.

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Hall-Effect Switches

Micronas Hall-effect switch family

TDK Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, has upgraded its Micronas Hall-effect switch family, HAL 15xy, for automotive and industrial applications. They are all now defined as SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) ASIL B-ready, according to ISO 26262. Modules equipped with HAL 15xy can more easily fulfill higher safety criteria in automotive applications such as brake fluid level sensing, seat belt detection, and brake light switch. They provide many diagnostic features, enabling deployment in ASIL A and ASIL B classified automotive applications. For more stringent security requirements, the HAL 15xy features an additional, unique power-on self-test. Customers can enable a full functional test of the sensors’ signal processing path and output before starting standard operation, in order to increase diagnostic coverage.

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Fully Analog Learning Chip


Aspinity, Pittsburgh, PA, is offering the AML100, the first product in their analog machine learning (analogMLTM) core family. It extends battery life by up to 20x over traditional digital always-on systems. The AML100 is the only machine learning chip to intelligently reduce the amount of data that moves through the always-on system while the data are still analog. It keeps the higher-power digital components asleep unless important data are detected. By performing machine learning in analog, the AML100 eliminates the digitization, digital processing, and transmission of irrelevant noise, reducing always-on system power by >95 percent to unlock the potential of thousands of new applications running on battery.

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Wireless Motor Sensor

Phase IV Engineering motor sensor

The Phase IV Engineering, Boulder, CO, motor sensor combines three different sensors in one multi-sensor node: temperature, vibration, and electrical current. Get continuous remote monitoring of these key predictors of motor failure and receive alerts via text and/or email. The sensor is ideal for an IoT predictive maintenance program/cbm maintenance. The temperature sensor and vibration sensor (accelerometer) install quickly with industrial-strength magnets or screw mount. The current sensor is a split-core amp clamp. The standard vibration sensor samples at 5KHz and performs edge-computing on the data to report RMS acceleration, RMS velocity, and peak acceleration. Store data and manage alerts with SensorManager software or integrate them into your own PLC or other software.

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Multi-Modal Biometrics Reader

Value Series MinMoe MultiModal Biometrics Reader

Hikvision, City of Industry, CA, announced the release of the Value Series MinMoe MultiModal Biometrics Reader with multi-functional facial authentication, card pin code identification and authentication. It provides access control, video intercom, and video security capabilities in a single device. It securely stores up to 1,500 face algorithms and up to 3,000 card pin codes for highly secure multi-modal identity management and authentication. Registered users can utilize touchless facial authentication and/or an access card pin code to enter a building, while visitors can communicate with authorized staff using the intercom function. The MinMoe reader also supports intercom calling via mobile app, allowing security personnel to converse with guests and open doors remotely.

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Cost-Efficient Digital Temperature Sensor

Fourth-generation temperature sensor series: the STS4x

Sensirion AG, Stäfa, Switzerland, presents its fourth-generation temperature sensor series: the STS4x. The sensor platform is available in different accuracy classes and is currently represented by the STS40. Due to its small size, cost-efficiency and low power consumption, the STS4x is well-suited for mass production and battery-driven designs. The STS40 has a temperature accuracy of ΔT = ± 0.2 °C. It also has enhanced signal processing, three distinctive I2C addresses, and communication speeds of up to 1 MHz. The supply voltage range of 1.08 to 3.6 V and low current consumption of 0.4 µA for a typical average current measured once per second allows the series to be implemented into battery-driven designs.

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Touchless Gesture-Based Controls

Solution for touchless gesture-based controls

STMicroelectronics, Geneva, Switzerland, has launched a solution for touchless gesture-based controls in simple, cost-conscious consumer and industrial applications. The solution comprises free engineering software to be used with ST’s VL53L5CX FlightSense time-offlight (ToF) multizone ranging sensor. ST’s solution lets designers build systems that benefit from greater user privacy and lower power consumption, and that work in the dark without needing external illumination, unlike vision-based solutions. The algorithm can run on a low-power microcontroller and demands minimal system resources.

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