Products : Motion Control
Electro-Mechanical Actuator

Exlar Corp. (Chanhassen, MN) has introduced the Exlar I Series electro-mechanical actuator with roller screw technology. Users have a choice of motor brand and type, including brushless servo, stepper, DC, or AC motor. Input transmission options include direct coupling, parallel belt and pulley drive, and in-line...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Current Loop Controller (CLC) Eases Industrial Automation Retrofits

Micronor Inc.’s (Newbury Park, CA) MR267 Current Loop Controller (CLC) option remotely controls a motorized potentiometer and/or rotary cam switch via current, voltage input, or external potentiometer.

Products : Electronics & Computers
Hardware Debug Software Adds 64-bit JTAG, Flash Support

Macraigor Systems LLC (Brookline, MA) has added JTAG debug and Flash memory programming support for several Freescale PowerPC and MIPS processor support, in addition to existing ARM microprocessor support to its OCDemon debug suite.

Full JTAG debug and Flash programming support has...

Products : Electronics & Computers
USB Digital I/O Board Enables High-Speed Digital Monitoring and Control

ACCES I/O Products (San Diego, CA) offers the Model USB-IIRO-16, featuring 16 Form C (SPDT) electromechanical relays and 16 optically isolated digital inputs. The board is designed to meet the needs of industrial systems monitoring and control. The industrial I/O market...

Products : Electronics & Computers
PLL/Synthesizer Includes VCO

Crystek Corporation’s (Fort Myers, FL) CPLL66 family is the company’s first foray into the PLL/Synthesizer market. Designed for digital radio equipment, fixed wireless access, satellite communications systems, base stations, personal communications systems, portable radios, and test instruments, the CPLL66 is a...


Matrox Graphics, Montreal, Canada

, has introduced DualHead2Go™, an external device that connects to the monitor connector of a computer to add support for an extra monitor. The operating system treats the device like a monitor, supporting resolutions twice as wide as standard resolutions. The device divides the...
Product of the Month: Broadband Mirror

Semrock (Rochester, NY) offers the ultra-broadband MaxMirror in a 2-in. (50.4 mm) diameter version. According to the manufacturers, the 2-in. mirror is designed for use in imaging systems or for the delivery of large optical beams, and has greater than 99% reflectivity for all wavelengths from 350 nm to...

Field Spectroradiometer

The FieldSpec 3 field spectroradiometer from Analytical Spectral Devices (Boulder, CO) offers Ethernet and wireless connectivity for remote data collection of up to 150 feet away in addition to built-in diagnostics, including the all new ASD FiberChecker and detector stability indicators. FieldSpec 3 covers the 350-2500...

Ti:Sapphire Laser


(Mountain View, CA) newest addition to the Mai Tai Ti:Sapphire laser product line delivers more than 2.5 W of average power and is now available with a 700-1020 nm tuning range. The laser is fully computer controlled and produces 100 femtosecond pulses. With a broader tuning range, the laser enables...
Medical CCD Camera

Designed for medical applications, the TrueFrame FT50M CCD image sensor from DALSA (Waterloo, ON, Canada) comes in a 1k × 1k-pixel array with 5.6 × 5.6-μm square pixels. Combined with high linear dynamic range of 67 dB, high sensitivity, and vertical anti-blooming, the camera has high-contrast and greater detail retention...

Refractive Index Elastomer
(Carpinteria, CA) offers Lightspan LSR-9562-30, a two-part, high-viscosity elastomer designed for injection molding of clear silicone parts, or as a potting and encapsulating compound because of its glob-top-like consistency. LSR-9562-30 is designed to protect electronic components and assemblies against shock, vibration,...
Optical Modeling Software

Optiwave Systems’

(Ottawa, ON, Canada) OptiFDTD 6.0 optical design software for passive and nonlinear photonic components brings Finite-Difference Time-Domain modeling and simulation to photonics and bio-photonics engineers. The software provides a simulation environment for designing photonic crystals,...
Material-Testing Tribometers

Micro Photonics

(Irvine, CA) has introduced the Standard Pin-On-Disk and High Load Tribometers. Developed for high-temperature operations, high loads, and high rotational speeds up to 6000 rpm, the tribometer is equipped with a Plexiglas enclosure for testing under varying degrees of humidity and compositions....
Infrared Camera

The fourth generation of Cedip Infrared Systems’ (Croissy, Beaubourg, France) JADE IR cameras includes enhanced sensitivity (< 20 mK), faster frame rate, and a new windowing mode. The frame rate can be changed with a step resolution of 1 Hz up to 250 Hz at full frame, and up to 25,000 Hz in sub arrays windowing mode. Using...

Solid State Laser

The Kyma line of solid state lasers from Melles Griot (Carlsbad, CA) offers improved stability and performance by requiring fewer parts than diode pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers. Kyma technology supports wavelengths from the deep blue to the red. The first product in the Kyma line is the Kyma 488, which is available with 10...

Fiber Pump Laser


(San Jose, CA) has introduced a high-power, uncooled multimode pump laser module for fiber laser pumping that combines high power with high reliability and stable performance. The new multimode pump laser module offers increased brightness and higher reliability than previous modules. The uncooled module,...
LED Chips
(Durham, NC) has released two new LED chips: the MegaBright 290 Gen 2 and the RazerThin 230. The MegaBright 290 Gen 2, a high-brightness chip, is 30 percent brighter and uses 8 percent less power than the chip it replaces. This new chip is targeted for digital camera, camera phone flash, and LCD backlighting applications, where brightness...
Fiber Laser Design Software

Liekki Application Designer v3.0 from Liekki (Way Gambrills, MD) is a simulation and design software environment for fiber lasers and amplifiers with new transient analysis capability. Liekki’s v3.0 provide the ability to simulate the dynamic regime and transients of active components, as well as new components such...

Progressive Scan Camera

JAI’s (San Jose, CA) CV-A436 machine vision camera uses the latest generation of VGA resolution progressive scan 1⁄3-in. imager that allows the compact head size of 17 mm (diameter) and 46 mm (length). The head is connected to the controller via a detachable robotics-grade 2-m cable. The controller box measures 29 ×...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Flash Drive Records Unmanned NASA Balloon Flight Data
BiTMICRO® E-Disk® flash drive
BiTMICRO® Networks
Fremont, CA

The Cosmic Rays Energetics and Mass (CREAM) project is a NASA-sponsored high-altitude balloon experiment led by the University of Maryland in collaboration with...

Briefs : Photonics/Optics
Cambridge Consultants, Boston, Massachusetts

A standalone, handheld, through-wall radar unit is under development to provide three-dimensional feedback on the location and movement of people inside buildings. Applications include military and emergency service such as hostage situations and search and rescue. The unit, which can be held against...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Single-Board Computer Aids in Space Craft Control
SCS750 single-board computer
Maxwell Technologies
San Diego, CA

The National Polar-orbiting Operational Environment Satellite System (NPOESS) is a $6-billion, multi-year program with Northrop Grumman Space Technology (NGST) that will...

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