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Whole-Blood-Staining Device

A whole-blood-staining device provides a means of (1) staining white blood cells by use of monoclonal antibodies conjugated to various fluorochromes, followed by (2) lysing and fixing of the cells by use of a commercial reagent that has been diluted according to NASA safety standards. More stable than whole blood,...

Briefs : Medical
Portable Device for Chemical Fixation of a Biological Sample

The Kennedy Space Center (KSC) fixation tube is a device for chemical fixation of a biological sample. It is mechanically resilient, small, and easy to use, and is thus well suited to use in the field as well as in the laboratory. Because typical chemical fixatives are extremely...

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Wicks for Initiating Hydroponic Growth

A material developed for space suits has been found useful in a completely different application: making wicks to support seedlings and to carry water and nutrients to them during the initial stages of hydroponic growth. A modified version of the wick material may also prove useful in wick-based...

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Improved Suit for Protection During Abrasive Blasting

An improved suit to be worn by a worker during abrasive blasting has been developed. Denoted an environmentally controlled abrasive-blasting suit (ECAB), it provides comprehensive protection that, heretofore, has been afforded by a set of special under- and over-garments (including a helmet)...

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Exoskeletal System for Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

A system of sensors and actuators designed to fit on the lower extremities of human patients and astronauts like an exoskeleton is under development to serve diverse purposes in neuromuscular research and rehabilitation. This system will be operated under both Earth and microgravity conditions....

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Imaging System Shows Ischemic Regions

A noninvasive medical-imaging system produces false-color images that show regions of ischemia (reduced oxygenated blood flow) in organs and tissues. The system operates in real time, providing immediate guidance for surgery or other treatment. For example, the system can be used to identify tissues that...

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Neutrophil-Screening Assay Using Two-Color Flow Cytometry

An in vitro test that includes the use of two-color flow cytometry has been developed for use in screening of neutrophils for their ability to fight infections. Neutrophils constitute the first line of defense of the human body against infections. Neutrophils engulf invading bacteria in a...

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Compact, Noncontact Fiber-Optic Probe for Diagnosis of Eye Diseases

A compact fiber-optic probe has been found to be useful for noncontact diagnosis of interior parts of eyes. The probe was originally developed for performing dynamic-light-scattering measurements to determine transport properties of submicron particles suspended in fluids in...

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Chemiluminescent Quantitation of Organic Compounds in Water

A method of measuring the concentration of a selected organic compound (analyte) in a sample of water involves (1) producing hydrogen peroxide as a byproduct of enzyme-catalyzed oxidation of the analyte, (2) producing light in an electrocatalyzed reaction of the hydrogen peroxide with...

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