Interview with Drew Feustel, Astronaut, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Astronaut Drew Feustel is scheduled to fly aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery when it makes what is projected to be the final manned mission to service the Hubble Space...

Multiphysics - A Guided Tour

Recorded February 27, 2008

In this podcast, COMSOL Branch Manager, David Kan, speaks with NASA Tech Briefs Editorial Director, Linda Bell, about the wide range of challenging design problems that can now be...

Exclusive Interview With the Director of 'Westinghouse'

Westinghouse is a fascinating new feature-length documentary about the life and times of George Westinghouse, one of America's greatest inventors, entrepreneurs, and industrialists. Listen to...

Design Analysis in Product Innovation

Recorded August 17, 2006

Product innovation has recently come to the forefront as one of the truly sustainable competitive advantages a company can develop in the product development process. One...

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