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Upcoming live webinars presented by industry experts and solution providers in manufacturing, medical, aerospace, military, and commercial industries.

Upcoming Webinars: Automotive
Leveraging Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Automotive Lightweighting

Advanced manufacturing technologies have unlocked new levels of performance and personalization in the automotive industry. However, legacy software tools have hindered the adoption of these new manufacturing technologies, with hours wasted filleting models, repairing meshes, and translating between an array of specialty tools.

Upcoming Webinars : Electronics & Computers
How to Make Sure More Electronics in Autonomous Vehicles Won't Mean More Problems
Upcoming Webinars : Software
Modeling Microfluidic Devices with COMSOL Multiphysics®
Upcoming Webinars : Medical
SERS: Fast, Portable Identification of Trace Opioids
Webinars : Manufacturing & Prototyping
How 3D Printing Is Changing the Development of Orthopedic Devices
Upcoming Webinars : Medical
The Road to Parametric Release for EO Sterilization
Upcoming Webinars : Automotive
BEV or ICE: Aluminum Extrusions and Tomorrow’s Vehicles
Upcoming Webinars : Automotive
How to Integrate V2X Communication into Today’s Vehicles
Upcoming Webinars : Automotive
Multi-Injection SCR Lines for Optimal System NOx Reduction
Upcoming Webinars : Software
How to Effectively Estimate Parameters for Battery Modeling