Briefs: Physical Sciences
Data Transfer for Multiple Sensor Networks Over a Broad Temperature Range

At extreme temperatures, cryogenic and over 300 °C, few electronic components are available to support intelligent data transfer over a common, linear combining medium. This innovation allows many sensors to operate on the same wire bus (or on the same airwaves or optical...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
Using Combustion Synthesis to Reinforce Berms and Other Regolith Structures

The Moonraker Excavator and other tools under development for use on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids will be employed to construct a number of civil engineering projects and to mine the soil. Mounds of loose soil will be subject to the local transport mechanisms plus...

A continuing challenge for modern instrument pointing control systems is to meet the increasingly stringent pointing performance requirements imposed by emerging...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
Visible-Infrared Hyperspectral Image Projector

The VisIR HIP generates spatially-spectrally complex scenes. The generated scenes simulate real-world targets viewed by various remote sensing instruments. The VisIR HIP consists of two subsystems: a spectral engine and a spatial engine. The spectral engine generates spectrally complex uniform...

Briefs: Software

The Change_Detection.m MATLAB tool detects changes in an image by comparing the image to a background estimation. The change detection software is a MATLAB function designed to work on either a single image or a sequence of images, and computes changes with respect to a background image by one of four techniques:

Briefs: Software
Ionospheric Simulation System for Satellite Observations and Global Assimilative Modeling Experiments (ISOGAME)

ISOGAME is designed and developed to assess quantitatively the impact of new observation systems on the capability of imaging and modeling the ionosphere. With ISOGAME, one can perform observation system simulation experiments (OSSEs)....

Briefs: Information Technology
An Extensible, User- Modifiable Framework for Planning Activities

This software provides a development framework that allows planning activities for the Mars Science Laboratory rover to be altered at any time, based on changes of the Activity Dictionary. The Activity Dictionary contains the definition of all activities that can be carried out by...

Briefs: Information Technology
Mission Operations Center (MOC) - Precipitation Processing System (PPS) Interface Software System (MPISS)

MPISS is an automatic file transfer system that implements a combination of standard and mission-unique transfer protocols required by the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM) Precipitation Processing System (PPS) to control the...

Briefs: Software
AGATE: Adversarial Game Analysis for Tactical Evaluation

AGATE generates a set of ranked strategies that enables an autonomous vehicle to track/trail another vehicle that is trying to break the contact using evasive tactics. The software is efficient (can be run on a laptop), scales well with environmental complexity, and is suitable for use...

Briefs: Information Technology
Mixed Linear/Square-Root Encoded Single-Slope Ramp Provides Low-Noise ADC With High Linearity for Focal Plane Arrays

Single-slope analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are particularly useful for on-chip digitization in focal plane arrays (FPAs) because of their inherent monotonicity, relative simplicity, and efficiency for column-parallel...

Briefs: Information Technology
X-Ray Detection and Processing Models for Spacecraft Navigation and Timing

The current primary method of deepspace navigation is the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN). High-performance navigation is achieved using Delta Differential One-Way Range techniques that utilize simultaneous observations from multiple DSN sites, and incorporate observations...

Briefs: Information Technology
RUSHMAPS: Real-time Uploadable Spherical Harmonic Moment Analysis for Particle Spectrometers

RUSHMAPS is a new onboard data reduction scheme that gives real-time access to key science parameters (e.g. moments) of a class of heliophysics science and/or solar system exploration investigation that includes plasma particle spectrometers (PPS), but...

Briefs: Information Technology
Automated 3D Damaged Cavity Model Builder for Lower Surface Acreage Tile on Orbiter

The 3D Automated Thermal Tool for Damaged Acreage Tile Math Model builder was developed to perform quickly and accurately 3D thermal analyses on damaged lower surface acreage tiles and structures beneath the damaged locations on a Space Shuttle Orbiter. The 3D...

Briefs: Information Technology
Powered Descent Guidance With General Thrust-Pointing Constraints

The Powered Descent Guidance (PDG) algorithm and software for generating Mars pinpoint or precision landing guidance profiles has been enhanced to incorporate thrust-pointing constraints. Pointing constraints would typically be needed for onboard sensor and navigation systems that...

Screening System Detects Wafer Defects

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have developed an instrument that puts pressure on wafers to find which ones are too fragile to make it through the manufacturing process. The device then kicks out weak wafers before they go through their costly...

Novel Material Dislodges Bacteria from Ship's Surface

Duke University engineers have developed a material that can be applied like paint to the hull of a ship and will literally be able to dislodge bacteria, keeping it from accumulating on the ship’s surface. This buildup on ships increases drag, reduces the energy efficiency of the vessel, as...

Delivering up to 12,500 lumens, the new Dialight (Newmarket, UK) SafeSite® transportable LED high bay luminaire is designed for temporary lighting applications and for maintenance tasks that require a...

VCC (Poway, CA) has developed a new series of low profile, panel-flush light pipes that are designed to blend in with the panel until they are illuminated and facilitate easy panel removal. Designated...

Products: Lighting
LED Fault-Management Chip

LED lights for critical applications such as vehicle lights, streetlamps and emergency lights are even more dependable and long-lasting thanks to a new fault-management chip from STMicroelectronics (Geneva,...

Products: Lighting
Open LED Protectors

Littelfuse, Inc. (Chicago, IL) has developed a new line of open LED protectors optimized to provide superior protection against open LEDs. The PLED6M Series LED protector is designed to provide a switching electronic...

Products: Lighting
Red Nitride Phosphors

Intematix (Fremont, CA) recently announced the release of the Ruby series of red nitride phosphors that enable exceptional efficacy, color rendering and reliability for high-power LEDs. These unique phosphors, backed by...

Products: Lighting
High Lumens LED Power Supply

Axelsys LLC (Fremont, CA) has announced the latest addition to its line of Axelerator™ Products and IP — the AXPS3000, High- Lumens LED Lamp power supply unit (PSU). Developed as a complete system power...

Articles: Robotics, Automation & Control
Hybrid Stepper Advancements Improve Medical Pump Performance

Designers of medical pumps often have to deal with the challenge of implementing precise, yet low-cost motion control. For most medical pumps, there are three basic technology...

Application Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
Gait Analysis Based on Inertial and Magnetic Sensors

Motion analysis often is based on stereophotogrammetry, which estimates the three-dimensional coordinates of points on an object by measurements made in two or more photographic images...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Mini Cylinder

Intelligent Actuator – IAI America (Torrance, CA) offers the RCD Mini Cylinder that is designed to replace compact air cylinders used for short-stroke travel, pressing, and hoisting. It features a crosssection of 12 mm, with...

Products: Motion Control
Linear Actuators

K90 linear actuators from Exlar (Chanhassen, MN) are compact, 90-mm frame size actuators available in three performance levels, and allow the use of third-party motors. Featuring dimensions and form-factor consistent with...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Pneumatic Air Cylinders

NITRA™ E-Series pneumatic dual-rod guided air cylinders from Automation - Direct (Cumming, GA) are designed for applications that require precise alignment or have large side loads. The devices are interchangeable...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Position Sensors

ASM Sensors (Elmhurst, IL) offers the PMIS4/PMIR5 non-contact measuring system developed for rotary applications. The system provides high EMC protection, large guiding distance tolerance, and signal performance up to...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Motion Controllers

ADLINK Technology (San Jose, CA) has released the PCI- 8254/PCI-8258 motion controllers that provide servo updates up to 20 KHz through hardware-based PID-FF control loop and secondorder filters, time-deterministic...

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