Briefs : Information Technology
Comparison of Aircraft Icing Growth Assessment Software

A research project is underway to produce computer software that can accurately predict ice growth under any meteorological conditions for any aircraft surface. An extensive comparison of the results in a quantifiable manner against the database of ice shapes that have been generated in the...

Briefs : Information Technology
Efficient Kriging Algorithms

More efficient versions of an interpolation method, called kriging, have been introduced in order to reduce its traditionally high computational cost. Written in C++, these approaches were tested on both synthetic and real data.

Briefs : Information Technology
Estimation of Coriolis Force and Torque Acting on Ares-1

A document describes work on the origin of Coriolis force and estimating Coriolis force and torque applied to the Ares-1 vehicle during its ascent, based on an internal ballistics model for a multi-segmented solid rocket booster (SRB).

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Null Lens Assembly for X-Ray Mirror Segments

A document discusses a null lens assembly that allows laser interferometry of 60° slumped glass mirror segments used in x-ray mirrors. The assembly consists of four lenses in precise alignment to each other, with incorporated piezoelectric nanometer stepping actuators to position the lenses in six...

Briefs : Electronics & Computers
High-Precision Pulse Generator

A document discusses a pulse generator with subnanosecond resolution implemented with a low-cost field-programmable gate array (FPGA) at low power levels. The method used exploits the fast carry chains of certain FPGAs. Prototypes have been built and tested in both Actel AX and Xilinx Virtex 4 technologies....

Briefs : Electronics & Computers
Silicon-Germanium Voltage-Controlled Oscillator at 105 GHz

A group at UCLA, in collaboration with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has designed a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) created specifically for a compact, integrated, electronically tunable frequency generator useable for submillimeter-wave science instruments operating in extreme cold...

Application Briefs : Aerospace
Space Suit Simulator Aids Astronaut Training Procedures
Extra-Vehicular Activity Space Suit Simulator (S3)
Aurora Flight Sciences
Cambridge, MA

Aurora Flight Sciences has teamed up with professors Dana Newman and Jeffrey Hoffman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)...

Application Briefs : Software
Software System Manages NASA’s Engineering Review Process
Engineering Review Board Information System (ERBIS)
a.i. solutions
Lanham, MD

Managing the people, data, and activities associated with NASA’s Engineering Review Process (ERP) presents challenges to engineers and mission...

NASA Tech Needs
NASA Planetary Balloon Technology Needs

Innovations in materials, structures, and systems concepts have enabled buoyant vehicles to play an expanding role in planning NASA’s future Solar System Exploration Program. Balloons and aerobots containing science instruments can cover large distances in short periods of time, and obtain science data...

Solid Edge® software ST3

Siemens PLM Software, Plano, TX, has released Solid Edge® software ST3, a hybrid 2D/3D design tool that features the company’s Synchronous Technology (ST), which accelerates product design, streamlines revisions, and improves importing and reusing of third-party CAD data. Synchronous-based models can be used directly...

Articles : Software
Industry Update: CAD and Virtual Prototyping Software

A Stagnant Market?

A number of the executives we polled indicated that the CAD market has become a “mature” market, meaning that the number of truly innovative improvements in the technology has leveled off. “For several years, the CAD market had been on a fairly steady and...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Wide-Field Optic for Autonomous Acquisition of Laser Link

An innovation reported in “Two-Camera Acquisition and Tracking of a Flying Target,” NASA Tech Briefs, Vol. 32, No. 8 (August 2008), p. 20, used a commercial fish-eye lens and an electronic imaging camera for initially locating objects with subsequent handover to an actuated...

Briefs : Photonics/Optics
Method for Implementing Optical Phase Adjustment

A method has been developed to mechanically implement the optical phase shift by adjusting the polarization of the pump and probe beams in an NMOR (nonlinear magneto-optical rotation) magnetometer as the proper phase shift is necessary to induce self-oscillation. This innovation consists of...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Multiple-Zone Diffractive Optic Element for Laser Ranging Applications

A diffractive optic element (DOE) can be used as a beam splitter to generate multiple laser beams from a single input laser beam. This technology has been recently used in LRO’s Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) instrument to generate five laser beams that measure the...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Simplified Architecture for Precise Aiming of a Deep-Space Communication Laser Transceiver

The simplified architecture is a minimal system for a deep-space optical communications transceiver. For a deep-space optical communications link the simplest form of the transceiver requires (1) an efficient modulated optical source, (2) a point-ahead...

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