News : Energy
New Equation Could Advance Research in Solar Cells and OLEDs

An equation developed in part by researchers at the University of Michigan could do for organic semiconductors what the Shockley ideal diode equation did for inorganic semiconductors: help to enable their wider adoption.

News : Lighting
Improving and Evaluating LED Lighting for Greenhouse Use

Purdue researchers will collaborate with Rutgers University, the University of Arizona, Michigan State University, and Orbital Technologies Corp. (Madison, WI) on a four-year project to improve and evaluate LED lighting for greenhouse use. The goal is to increase greenhouse yields and...

Products : Energy
Four-Channel Constant Current LED Drivers

Allegro MicroSystems (Worcester, MA) offers constant current LED drivers to address requirements of internal and external illumination applications within the automotive market. Allegro’s A6261/A6262/A6264 LED drivers offer four channels of up to 100 mA LED current each, and can be paralleled for...

Products : Transportation
IR LED With Integrated Lens

The infrared DRAGON SFH 4236 from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (Sunnyvale, CA) is designed for applications that require narrow radiation characteristics from limited board space, namely automotive applications such as driver and passenger monitoring systems and blind spot detection systems, as well as camera-based...

Question of the Week
Will you drive this type of robotic car in your lifetime?

This week's Question of the Week addresses another technical development from Google. In early October, the search giant announced that it has been testing robotic cars on U.S. city streets. The vehicles, equipped with a complex array of sensors and cameras that allowed them to steer...

Products : Energy
High Intensity LED Light Engine

Papailias Incorporated (Northvale, NJ) has introduced a high intensity light engine to replace halogen technology. The Series HI-LED lamp is not a standard LED bulb, but a custom-designed lamp that features a more robust technology. HI-LED lamps are not affected by vibration, impact, heat, dust, or surface oils.

Briefs : Energy
Nickel-Zinc Battery System Technology

Société de Conseil et de Prospective Scientifique (SCPS), located in Rosny-sous-Bois, France, developed a technology that allows the nickel-zinc battery system to work as close as possible to its theoretical performance, with a long cycle life.

Products : Lighting
AC/DC LED Drivers

RECOM Power Inc. (Brooklyn, NY) has developed a series of constant current LED drivers in the power ranges of 12, 20, and 60 Watts. The new series feature universal AC inputs, power factor correction, and UL-8750 certification.

Question of the Week
Should there be a large-scale freeze on foreclosures?

This week's Question of the Week addresses home foreclosures. Several major home lenders, including JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, have suspended foreclosures in parts or all of the country because of sloppy paperwork and improper oversight of the many loans that went bad. Some say,...

Products : Lighting
High-Brightness Black Surface LED

The high-brightness black top surface tri-color PLCC-6 family of SMT LEDs from Avago Technologies (San Jose, CA) has a separate heat path for each LED dice, enabling the LED to be driven at higher current. The SMT LEDs are high-reliability devices designed for a wide range of environmental conditions.

News : Electronics & Computers
Silicon Strategy Shows Promise for Lithium-ion Batteries

Scientists from Rice University and Lockheed Martin have discovered a way to use simple silicon to radically increase the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. The researchers are confident that cheap, plentiful silicon combined with ease of manufacture could help push their idea into the...

Products : Energy
Multi-String Backlight Drivers

Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) introduced its AAT1409/7/5 family of multi-string LED backlight drivers with integrated boost converters and precision current sinks that can support up to 88 LEDs at 360mA total LED current. The drivers reduce the number of backlight PCBs and cost.

Products : Lighting
RGB LED Illuminated Pushbuttons

The KP Series of illuminated miniature pushbutton switches from NKK Switches (Scottsdale, AZ) provide design engineers options that complete front panels needing an innovative look and feel. The devices are available with built-in RGB LED illumination, allowing the full color spectrum to be utilized to create...

Question of the Week
Do you plan to buy the Google TV device?

This week's Question of the Week addresses Google TV. Engineers are putting the finishing touches on Google TV, a software platform that aims to bring the complete Internet experience to television sets. Expected in stores later this month, the Google TV device has a remote-control keyboard/pointing...

News : Energy
High-Quality Photos of National Ignition Facility Testing

The National Ignition Facility (NIF) of Livermore, CA is home to the world's largest and highest-energy laser. On September 29th, the NIF completed its first integrated ignition experiment, where it focused its 192 lasers on a BB-sized capsule containing hydrogen fuel - firing it with 1...

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