Innovations in Optics, Inc. (Woburn, MA) offers high power LED Light Engines as excitation illuminators for large field-of-view fluorescent imagers used in life science instruments. LumiBright LE Light Engines feature patented non-imaging optics that direct LED light into a desired cone angle, while producing highly uniform output, both angularly and spatially. The two standard far-field half-angles are 20 and 40 degrees. Available peak LED wavelengths range from 365 nm in the ultraviolet through 970 nm in the near-infrared.

LumiBright LE Light Engines feature densely packed chip-on-board LED arrays that are offered in single or multi-wavelength options. The light engines’ metallic core circuit boards sustain the thermal management of LED die operated at high current density drive conditions which enables each LumiBright LE to emit several watts of optical power.

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