Snezana Jeremic
Komiric bb
Komiric, Serbia

Winner of an HP Workstation

Ring is an adjustable, custom-made prosthetic leg for transtibial amputee children in developing countries. The prosthetic worn by the child can be adjusted as the child grows and matures to ensure that it is always optimally suited to their body size and type. This is achieved using an adjustable foot portion to ensure an optimal stride as well as the upper portion that can be paired with additional rings to suit the child’s body as they grow and develop.

The conceptual Ring prosthetic leg addresses a need for more adjustable healthcare equipment to ensure that individuals do not need an entirely new device every time they have a growth spurt.

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Airtomo Air Purification System

Kevin Chiam, Imperial College London, Singapore

Inspired by the way nature uses rain to clean the air, Airtomo wearables and modules release dry, atomized water vapor to remove pollutants through a process called aggregation. The wearables offer a personal vapor cloud that cleans the air or reduces resuspension induced by foot motion.

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Pronto Bottle

Shannon Gilleland, Form-i-Baby Pty Ltd., Pheasant Creek, Victoria, Australia

The Pronto Bottle eliminates the need to wash and sterilize multiple baby bottles. It is a self-sterilizing bottle that incorporates a sterilization unit within the lid of the bottle, allowing parents to travel with a single bottle.

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SelectFlex: The World’s Only Dynamic Arch Control Insole

Peter B. Tarlton, Barry Renow, and Joe Huston, ADDG, New Castle, NH

SelectFlex arch insoles lift arches into alignment with each step to relieve foot pain with maximum comfort. A simple turn of a key provides three levels of optimal lifting arch support. The insoles are made of medical-grade polymers, an ergonomic shell, and a soft composite memory foam foot pad that is antimicrobial and surfaced by a low-friction, moisture wicking fabric.

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Virtual Smart White Cane for Obstacle Detection

Pnina Ari-Gur, Justin Rittenhouse, Julia Strauss, and Anna Puca, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

This improvement to the white cane used by many who are visually impaired uses a solar-powered, wearable, hands-free instrumented vest with sensors stitched in. A microcontroller reads input from the sensors and sends a signal if an object is detected within 1 meter.

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