Arkema has introduced a new family of products for use inside the EV and ESS battery cell using the INCELLION™ brand name.

Arkema will present its full range of specialty materials enhancing the efficiency, sustainability, and reliability of electric vehicle and energy storage system batteries at the Battery Show North America.

The company has introduced a new family of products for use inside the EV and ESS battery cell using the INCELLION™ brand name. These products include advanced acrylic based binders, dispersants, and rheology modifiers designed to optimize the formulations of electrode and separator solutions tailored for both existing and next generation cell components.

The targeted result is higher cell performance with faster charging, longer life-cycle durability, and increased energy density while ensuring world-class safety and environmental compliance. The specific product lines include:

  • Waterborne Acrylic Binders: INCELLION™ El waterborne acrylic polymers are used as binders for active materials of the anode allowing higher Si formulation while providing mechanical strength and flexibility to address volume expansion.
  • Acrylic-Based Primers: INCELLION™ Pr acrylic-based primers are key components of the collector of the electrodes to improve the adhesion and performance continuity across the cathode system.
  • Rheology Additives: INCELLION ™ Rh rheology additives are used to improve the flow properties of the active material slurry for optimal coating on the electrodes and the separator.
  • Acrylic-Based Separators: INCELLION ™ Sp acrylic-based separator binder systems provide good mechanical properties and electrolyte resistance to the ceramic coating of the separator while maintaining the cell’s electrochemical performance.

“Arkema is investing in the future of batteries, particularly in the rapidly growing North American market,” said Mickael Havel, North America Battery Market Manager at Arkema. “The Group’s unique synergies across its Adhesive Solutions, Coating Solutions and Advanced Materials segments, and presence in key geographies, enables us to develop innovative solutions for our customers and partners across the battery ecosystem.” The Battery Show Booth 2827

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