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Using Micro OTDRs to Test Fiber Optic Networks
Reinventing Disease Detection and Diagnosis
Benefits of Magnetostrictive Sensors for Industrial Applications
Roller Pinion Technology Allows High Positional Accuracy for Precision Applications
All Motors are Stepping Motors
Intelligent Control Increases Motion System ROI

Who's Who

Robert Romanofsky, Senior Scientist, Antenna and Optical Systems Branch

Products of the Month

High-Resolution Thermal Imager
Keyence IM-6000 Series
2009 PTB Products of the Year
2009 PTB Products of the Year
2009 PTB Products of the Year
Programmable Actuator
Servo Motor Actuator
Retaining Rings
Intelligent Motor
Programmable Linear Actuator
Linear Actuator
Linear Motion System
Rod Lock
Magnetic Encoder
Motor Controller
Encoder Warning System
Product of the Month: Compact 1 kW CO2 Laser
Solar Cell Processing Disk
Solarization-Resistant Fibers
Quantum Cascade Laser Mounts
Technical Paper on Pixel Sub-Stepping
Optical Coatings for Plastics
High-Speed Megapixel Camera
Silica Fiber Bundles for Spectrometer Systems
Low-Fluorescence Optics
Near-Infrared Bandpass Filters
Q-Switched 800-Watt DPSS YAG Laser
3-Watt RGB LEDs

Application Briefs

Demystifying Optical Ethernet Networks
Spectrometer Helps NASA Detect Water in Excavated Moon Matter
Near-Infrared Cameras Indicate Signature of Water on the Moon
Connector Improves Reliability, Cuts Cost on Engine Production Line
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Compact, Reliable EEPROM Controller
Ka-Band Waveguide Two-Way Hybrid Combiner for MMIC Amplifiers
Quad-Chip Double-Balanced Frequency Tripler
Radiation-Hardened Solid-State Drive

Mechanics & Machinery

Concentric Nested Toroidal Inflatable Structures
Investigating Dynamics of Eccentricity in Turbomachine

Information Sciences

ICER-3D Hyperspectral Image Compression Software
Context Modeler for Wavelet Compression of Spectral Hyperspectral Images
Methodology and Software for Designing Data-Processing ICs


Improved Low-Temperature Performance of Li-Ion Cells Using New Electrolytes
Electroceramic Actuators for Operation at Low Temperatures

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Two Concepts for Deployable Trusses
Use of Nanofibers to Strengthen Hydrogels of Silica, Other Oxides, and Aerogels
Chemical Machining of Microscopic Holes and Grooves in Glass
Venting Closed-Cell Foam Panels

Physical Sciences

Insulation-Testing Cryostat With Lifting Mechanism
Optical Testing of Retroreflectors for Cryogenic Applications
Measuring Cyclic Error in Laser Heterodyne Interferometers
Self-Referencing Hartmann Test for Large-Aperture Telescopes
Measuring a Fiber-Optic Delay Line Using a Mode-Locked Laser
White-Light Phase-Conjugate Mirrors as Distortion Correctors
Biasable, Balanced, Fundamental Submillimeter Monolithic Membrane Mixer
Integrity Monitoring of Mercury Discharge Lamps
Profiling the Atmosphere by Use of an Elevated GPS Receiver
Thermal Detection of Gas in a Tube Containing Flowing Liquid

Electronics & Computers

Reconfigurable Hardware for Compressing Hyperspectral Image Data
High-Speed Ring Bus
Spatio-Temporal Equalizer for a Receiving-Antenna Feed Array
Nanoionics-Based Switches for Radio-Frequency Applications
PPM Receiver Implemented in Software
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Technology for Drilling, Cutting, and Separating Materials
Improving Thermoplastic Performance Using Additives and Reinforcers

NASA Tech Needs

Purge Monitoring Technology for Gaseous Helium (GHe) Conservation

Tech for License

Positive-Locking Fastener
Low-Cost “Green” Coatings Modify Metal Surfaces