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Curiosity: One Year Later
Mars 2020: The Next Journey
Organic Photovoltaic Technology
CAMERA TRENDS 2013: A Simpler Machine Vision
Picking the Pattern for a Stealth Antenna
Potting Compounds Offer Superior Protection for Electronic Circuits
Advanced Exercise Concepts for Long-Duration Spaceflight

Who's Who

Garry Lyles, Chief Engineer, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: the Model 2450 SourceMeter® SMU Instrument
Ultraviolet Radiation Spectrometer
Achromatic Beam Expanders
Autofocus Machine Vision Camera
Littrow Dispersion Prisms
UV-Visible-NIR Microspectrophotometer
Touch-Operated Portable Spectrometer
Hollow-Core Fiber
Laser Sensors
CW Laser Diode Driver
PCI Express® Digital I/O Module
Low-Voltage Power Supplies
Serial PCIe MiniCard
Eurocard-Based Subrack Systems
Imaging Sensor
Image Analysis Software
Microscope Stage
Video Kits
Ruggedized Camera
Surveillance Camera System
Embedded Vision System
X-Ray Cameras
GigE Vision Cameras
GigE Cameras
Line Scan Cameras
Video Wall Management Software
Frame Grabbers

Application Briefs

Fault Management Modeling Improves Spacecraft Operability
Solar Sail Will Demonstrate “Propellant-less Propulsion”
Using CVD Diamond to Cool Hot Devices
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

UltraSail CubeSat Solar Sail Flight Experiment
Acquisition and Retaining Granular Samples via a Rotating Coring Bit
Counterflow Regolith Heat Exchanger
Very-Low-Cost, Rugged Vacuum System
Mechanism for Deploying a Long, Thin-Film Antenna From a Rover


Centrifugal Sieve for Gravity-Level-Independent Size Segregation of Granular Materials
Ion Exchange Technology Development in Support of the Urine Processor Assembly
Nickel-Graphite Composite Compliant Interface and/or Hot Shoe Material


Simulation and Analysis Drive Transmission Development
Conjugate Thermal Analysis of a Generic LED Light Bulb
Analysis of Spiral Resonator Filters
Enigma Version 12
ISSM: Ice Sheet System Model
Planetary Protection Bioburden Analysis Program
Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris (MMOD) Shield Ballistic Limit Analysis Program
Wing Leading Edge RCC Rapid Response Damage Prediction Tool (IMPACT2)
Covariance Analysis Tool (G-CAT) for Computing Ascent, Descent, and Landing Errors
Phoenix Telemetry Processor
Contact Graph Routing Enhancements Developed in ION for DTN
Spitzer Telemetry Processing System
Advanced Strategic and Tactical Relay Request Management for the Mars Relay Operations Service
Automated Loads Analysis System (ATLAS)
GFEChutes Lo-Fi
Integrated Main Propulsion System Performance Reconstruction Process/Models
Sally Ride EarthKAM — Automated Image Geo-Referencing Using Google Earth Web Plug-In
Ionospheric Specifications for SAR Interferometry (ISSI)
Acoustic Emission Analysis Applet (AEAA) Software
Software for Generating Troposphere Corrections for InSAR Using GPS and Weather Model Data
Implementation of a Wavefront-Sensing Algorithm
Advanced Multimission Operations System (ATMO)
Memory-Efficient Onboard Rock Segmentation
Kinect Engineering with Learning (KEWL)
Automating Hyperspectral Data for Rapid Response in Volcanic Emergencies
Spacecraft 3D Augmented Reality Mobile App
Trade Space Specification Tool (TSST) for Rapid Mission Architecture (Version 1.2)
Raster-Based Approach to Solar Pressure Modeling
Space Images for NASA JPL Android Version
SIM_EXPLORE: Software for Directed Exploration of Complex Systems
Robot Sequencing and Visualization Program (RSVP)
MPST Software: grl_pef_check
Real-Time Multimission Event Notification System for Mars Relay
Jettison Engineering Trajectory Tool
PredGuid+A: Orion Entry Guidance Modified for Aerocapture
Mobile Timekeeping Application Built on Reverse-Engineered JPL Infrastructure
Advanced Query and Data Mining Capabilities for MaROS
MPST Software: grl_suppdoc
Planning Coverage Campaigns for Mission Design and Analysis: CLASP for DESDynl
Space Place Prime

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Ultrasonic Low-Friction Containment Plate for Thermal and Ultrasonic Stir Weld Processes
High-Powered, Ultrasonically Assisted Thermal Stir Welding
Next-Generation MKIII Lightweight HUT/Hatch Assembly

Physical Sciences

Complementary Barrier Infrared Detector (CBIRD) Contact Methods
Multimode Directional Coupler for Utilization of Harmonic Frequencies From TWTAs
High-Power, High-Speed Electro-Optic Pockels Cell Modulator
Autonomous Control of Space Nuclear Reactors
Dual-Polarization, Multi-Frequency Antenna Array for use with Hurricane Imaging Radiometer


Sterilization of Bioresorbable Polymers
Laser Marking for ID and Traceability Within the Medical Industry
FRET-Aptamer Assays for Bone Marker Assessment, C-Telopeptide, Creatinine, and Vitamin D
Medicine Delivery Device With Integrated Sterilization and Detection

Test & Measurement

Cogging Torque Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Machine in a Wind Turbine
Fast, High-Precision Readout Circuit for Detector Arrays
A System for Measuring the Sway of the Vehicle Assembly Building
ISS Ammonia Leak Detection Through X-Ray Fluorescence
Hydrometeor Size Distribution Measurements by Imaging the Attenuation of a Laser Spot
Victim Simulator for Victim Detection Radar

Electronics & Computers

Vibration-Powered Lowpass Filter
Quasi-Linear Circuit
High-Speed, High-Resolution Time-to-Digital Conversion
Li-Ion Battery and Supercapacitor Hybrid Design for Long Extravehicular Activities
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Preventing Adhesion of Cellulose to Steel
Personal Cleansing Innovations

Tech for License

Floorboard Locking Technology Features A/A Splicing
Reseatable Pressure Relief Valve Fixes Leaks