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Products of Tomorrow: January 2016
Next-Generation Electronics Innovations for NASA’s Space and Commercial Future
3D Endoscope Boosts Safety and Cuts Cost of Surgery
AEGIS Imaging Software Unearths Mars Rocks
Hybrid Technology Advances Laser Material Processing
SPIE Photonics West 2016 Preview

Who's Who

Dr. Catherine A. Conley, Planetary Protection Officer, NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: January 2016
THz-TDS and THZ-FDS Imaging Systems
Frame Grabbers
Design Software
FPGA Support for GigE Vision IP Cores
Infrared Cameras
Dual Wavelength Excitation Light Source
Frame Grabbers
Vision Sensors
Infrared Cameras
Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
USB 3.0 Cameras
High-Speed Cameras
Scientific CMOS Cameras
CMOS Cameras
Open Source Software
Spectral Test Station
Area-Scan Cameras
Product of the Month: January 2016
High-Temperature Epoxy
Acrylate-Based Sealants
Ceramic Adhesive
High-Strength Epoxy
Solder Paste
Plastic Bonding Adhesive
Pressure Transmitters
Shock Recorder
Data Analysis Software
Welding Simulator
Plastic Enclosures
Prototyping Platform
Spring Connectors

Application Briefs

Robot Simulation Software Lets NASA Study Conditions on Planetary Surfaces
Radiation Detectors Help NASA Understand Planets from Orbiters and Landers
Manufacturing OLED Lighting
‘Internal Fingerprint’ Imaging Offers Deeper Authentication
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Miniature, Multi-Functional, Self-Braking Vehicle
Pulse-Echo Probe Mounting Fixture for Blind Alignment on Pipes
Zero-Gravity Mobile Robot Using ON/OFF Adhesive Pads and Inchworm Mechanism
Passive Mechanism for Maintaining Tension at a Spool to Within a Given Window
Aluminum Gas Tungsten Arc Orbital Tube Welding

Information Sciences

DRAT: A Distributed Release Audit Tool
Graphical Input-Output Visualization Tool for DAVE-ML Models
Synchronization and Visualization of Arbitrary Streams (SAVORS)
Using a Moderate Ionospheric Storm Detector to Improve WAAS Availability
JLAB Tracking Tool (JTRAK)
Orbital Mechanics Simulation Program for Educational Outreach

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Thermal Spraying of Coatings Using Resonant Pulsed Combustion
Plasma Treatments to Assist Fluid Manipulation in Microgravity
Stencil-less Jet Printing for PCB Assembly
In-Situ Mixing, Degassing, Decavitation, and Extrusion Modules for Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printers

Machinery & Automation

Contact State Estimation for Multi-Finger Robot Hands Using Particle Filters
Tendon-Driven Finger, Wrist, and Thumb Actuation System
Visual-Aided Inertial Navigation for Computationally Constrained Aerial Vehicles
Robotic Surgical Devices, Systems, and Related Methods
Ship Classification Using Gnostic Fields
Tension-Stiffened and Tendon-Actuated Space Manipulators
NASA Tensegrity Robotics Toolkit (NTRT) v1
RoboSimian Software System from the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals

Electronics & Computers

Ultra-High-Power W-Band/F-Band Schottky Diode-Based Frequency Multipliers
FPGA Reconfiguration with Accelerated Bitstream Relocation
Real-Time LiDAR Signal Processing FPGA Modules
Advanced, Ultra-Low-Loss, High-Frequency Package Module

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Improved Ground Collision Avoidance System for General Aviation Aircraft and UAVs
Programmable Linear Position Sensors Leverage Inductive Technology
Polarizing Sun Sensor
Three-Axis Sun Sensor for Attitude Determination
Venus Heat Flux Sensor
RFID Waveguide, Antenna, and Cavity Sensors
Sensor Planning Service for Submitting Requests to Task the EO-1
Transparent and Ubiquitous Sensing Technology
Position Sensing and Formation Flying Using Optical Beacons
Multiple-Frequency-Band Software-Defined Radiometer


Thermal Cycle Qualification of Radiated Solar Arrays for 50 to 133 K Temperatures in Vacuum
Downhole Regolith Interrogation with Helium-Assisted Drill and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Large, High-Speed, Precision Optic Indexing Wheel
Web-Based Search Service to Support Imaging Spectrometer Instrument Operations
Hermetic Phototube Housing
Design, Fabrication, and Test of WFIRST/AFTA GRISM Assembly
Spinal Ultrasound Just-in-Time Training Tool
Wide-Spectrum Organic Mass Spectrometer Using Far-Ultraviolet Ionization


Station/Orbiter Multibody Berthing/Docking Analysis Tool (SOMBAT)
Flight Deck Predicted Weather Display and Decision Support Interface
Timed Injection of Simulation Data via Redundant Network Ports in Time Triggered Ethernet (TTE) Systems
Method of Performing Computational Aeroelastic Analyses
Graphical Acoustic Liner Design and Analysis Tool
Open Vehicle Sketch Pad