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Reduce Compressed Air Costs with Proper Air Cylinder Sizing
Energy Management Through Direct Drive Servo Technology
Smart Actuators Add Brains to Automation Brawn
Eliminate Interference from Converter Output
Micromachined Sensors Monitor Train Rails and Predict Failures
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Products of Tomorrow: August 2017
Using Formal Methods for Engineering Embedded Systems

Products of the Month

New Products: August 2017 Motion Design
Product of the Month: August 2017

Application Briefs

Ensuring Part Quality in Industrial Metal Additive Manufacturing
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Omni Jaw 5™ Powered Protrusion Cutter
Water-Saving Firefighting Nozzle
Sandia Cooler
Ruck Dock Load Carriage Connector System
Reducing Inaccuracies in Force/Haptic Feedback Systems


High-Speed Network Protocol for Faster, More Reliable Emergency Response
Custom Administration Reporting (gTracker)
Enterprise Business Information System (EBIS) Data Warehouse Quality Inspector
Network Geolocation Technology
Multi-Dimensional Information Visualization Software
PLOT3D 4.1

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Conductive Particle Assembly Enables Creation of Two-Dimensional Electronic Circuits
Using Microwaves to Produce High-Quality Graphene
3D-Printed Heart-on-a-Chip with Integrated Sensors
Robotic System for 3D-Printing the Basic Structure of an Entire Building
Method of Manufacturing Convective Accelerometers
4D Printing of Load-Bearing and Predictable Structures
Improved Two-Step Replication Process for Producing Precision Optical Mirrors
Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Coating of High-Precision Components Produced by Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

Machinery & Automation

Soft Robot “Walks” on Any Terrain
High-Temperature Actuators Bend as They “Breathe”
3D-Printed Tensegrity Object Can Change Shape
Flat, Triangular Modules Connect to Form Origami Robot
Straws Help Create Simple Robot Joints

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Low-Cost Chip Extends Life of Battery Sensors
Wireless Tamper Detection Sensor and Sensing System
Intelligent Displacement Sensor Deployment Using MTConnect Protocol over Ethernet
RFID System for Management of High-Risk Materials
Wireless Damage Location Sensing System
Structural Health Monitoring System/Method Using Electroactive Polymer Fibers


Linear Fresnel Spectrometer Chip with Gradient Line Grating
Machine Vision System
Lock-In Imaging System for Detecting Disturbances in Fluid
Curved Sensor Improves Image Quality Captured with Digital Cameras
Algorithm Enables Five-Dimensional Imaging in Living Organisms


Process Produces Renewable Car Tires from Trees and Grasses
Flood Dashboard 2.0
Ammonia Recovery System for Wastewater
Electrochemical Method for Removing Pollutants from Water