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NASA Celebrates 50 Years
50 Years of Inspiration
NASA’s First “A”: A Legacy of Aeronautics Innovations
NASA Technology: The Next 50 Years
America’s Premier Nano Engineering Event
The Brighter Side of Globalization for Manufacturers: New, Innovative Product Development Models
Sensor Technology Leads Manufacturing into Predictive Maintenance
Flexible Digital Servo Drives Speed Machine Control Design
Going Green in the Workplace with LEDs

Who's Who

Dr. Jonathan Trent, Bioengineering Research Scientist, Ames Research Center

Products of the Month

Stepper Motor/Drive
Conveyor Control
Digital Motion Control
Servo Drive
Quadrature Encoder
Load Actuator
Linear Position Sensor
Speed Regulator
Servo Drive
High Speed Motion Recorder
Conveyor Brake
DC Brush Gear Motor
Parallel Gripper
Product of the Month: IR Panoramic Camera
Camera Processor
Cameras with Auto and Averaging Features
Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope
Low Energy LEDs
White LEDs
MEMS 3D Micro-Mirrors
Lighting-Class LEDs
Wafer Processing Solution
Thin Film PV Scribing System
Laser Workstation
Dual Hot Swap Controller
Specimen Tracking System
Multimedia Kit
Ultra-Thin Silicon Solar Cells Process
Laser Marker

Application Briefs

Powered by Lithium-Ion Batteries, NASA Spacecraft Explore Mars and the Moon
NASA’s Next-Generation Space Suit Built for Orion Spacecraft
QuickSilver Servo Motors Drive Autonomous Vehicles
Electronic Motion Controller Simplifies Hydraulic Press Controls
Maxon Drive Prevents Bottlenecks for Bottle Cap Maker
Precision Prism Manufacturing — Art or Science?
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Onboard Data Processor for Change-Detection Radar Imaging

Mechanics & Machinery

Tool for Inspecting Alignment of Twinaxial Connectors
An ATP System for Deep-Space Optical Communication
Polar Traverse Rover Instrument

Information Sciences

Control Architecture for Robotic Agent Command and Sensing
Algorithm for Wavefront Sensing Using an Extended Scene
XML-Based SHINE Knowledge Base Interchange Language
SHINE Virtual Machine Model for In-flight Updates of Critical Mission Software
Mars Image Collection Mosaic Builder
Providing Internet Access to High-Resolution Mars Images
Providing Internet Access to High-Resolution Lunar Images
Expressions Module for the Satellite Orbit Analysis Program
Virtual Satellite
Small-Body Extensions for the Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP)
Scripting Module for the Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP)
Core Technical Capability Laboratory Management System
MRO SOW Daily Script
Object Recognition Using Feature-and Color-Based Methods
Root Source Analysis/ValuStream™ — a Methodology for Identifying and Managing Risks
Ensemble: an Architecture for Mission-Operations Software


CO₂ Sensors Based on Nanocrystalline SnO₂ Doped With CuO
Coating Reduces Ice Adhesion
Hybrid Multifoil Aerogel Thermal Insulation

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Making Superconducting Welds Between Superconducting Wires
Method for Thermal Spraying of Coatings Using Resonant-Pulsed Combustion

Physical Sciences

DMAC and NMP as Electrolyte Additives for Li-Ion Cells
Mass Spectrometer Containing Multiple Fixed Collectors
Waveguide Harmonic Generator for the SIM
Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator With Orthogonally Reconfigurable Filter Function
Bimaterial Thermal Compensators for WGM Resonators
Stable Calibration of Raman Lidar Water-Vapor Measurements
On-Orbit Multi-Field Wavefront Control With a Kalman Filter
Multichannel Monitor-Stabilizer for Injection-Locked Lasers
Self-Quenching Single-Photon Detector
Reducing Temperature Effects in Optical Resonator Sensors


Detecting Phycocyanin-Pigmented Microbes in Reflected Light
Expert System Control of Plant Growth in an Enclosed Space


Multichannel Monitor-Stabilizer for Injection-Locked Lasers
Self-Quenching Single-Photon Detector
Reducing Temperature Effects in Optical Resonator Sensors

Electronics & Computers

Virtualizing Physical Measurements Using Wireless Sensor Technology
Improved Airborne System for Sensing Wildfires
System for Measuring Flexing of a Large Spaceborne Structure
VHF Wide-Band, Dual-Polarization Microstrip-Patch Antenna
Using LDPC Code Constraints To Aid Recovery of Symbol Timing
Integrated Formation Optical Communication and Estimation System
The Interplanetary Overlay Networking Protocol Accelerator
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Reducing Free Fatty Acids in Frying Oil
Image Processing for Controlling a Robot or Quality Inspection

NASA Tech Needs

Centennial Challenges

Tech for License

Technology Uses In-Building Wi-Fi to Determine Location of Wireless Devices
Advanced Particle Separation Technology Uses Coriolis Force and Specific Gravity