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Advanced Technologies Will Help Hubble Yield More Remarkable Discoveries
Advancing Technologies Harness the Power of Wind, Water, and the Sun
Wafer Level Camera Technology

Who's Who

Dr. Scott Barthelmy, Research Scientist, Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

Products of the Month

Data Acquisition Modules
Product of the Month: Mini Fiber Laser Transmitter
Digital High-Speed Camera
Line Scan Camera
Illumination Design Software
Thru-Beam Sensors
Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
PbSe Thermal Imaging Array
Laser Diode Controller
Fiber Coupled Laser Modules

Application Briefs

Laser Tracker Ensures Accurate Alignment of Ares I Components
Tape Backup Systems Help NASA Archive Enterprise Data
Measuring the Color and Appearance of Special-Effect Paint

Eye on Innovation

Three Steps to Cost Control: Addressing the Root Cause of Unexpected Product Costs
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Inherently Ducted Propfans and Bi-Props
Small, Lightweight, Collapsible Glove Box
Steel Primer Chamber Assemblies for Dual Initiated Pyrovalves
Aerial Deployment and Inflation System for Mars Helium Balloons
Radial Halbach Magnetic Bearings
Voice Coil Percussive Mechanism Concept for Hammer Drill
Using Drained Spacecraft Propellant Tanks for Habitation
Connecting Node

Information Sciences

A Software Rejuvenation Framework for Distributed Computing
Kurtosis Approach to Solution of a Nonlinear ICA Problem
Robust Software Architecture for Robots
R4SA for Controlling Robots
Bio-Inspired Neural Model for Learning Dynamic Models
Evolutionary Computing Methods for Spectral Retrieval
Monitoring Disasters by Use of Instrumented Robotic Aircraft
Complexity for Survival of Living Systems


Silicon Nanowire Growth at Chosen Positions and Orientations
Detecting Airborne Mercury by Use of Palladium Chloride
Detecting Airborne Mercury by Use of Gold Nanowires
Electrolytes for Low-Temperature Operation of Li-CFₓ Cells


Terminal Descent Sensor Simulation

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Improved Blackbody Temperature Sensors for a Vacuum Furnace
Thin-Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Novel Materials Containing Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Wrapped in Polymer Molecules
Light-Curing Adhesive Repair Tapes
Zinc Alloys for the Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices

Physical Sciences

Hail Monitor Sensor
Dual Cryogenic Capacitive Density Sensor
Wide-Range Temperature Sensors With High-Level Pulse Train Output
A Robust Mechanical Sensing System for Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicles
Nanowire Electron Scattering Spectroscopy
Electron-Spin Filters Would Offer Spin Polarization >1
A Model for Predicting Thermoelectric Properties of Bi₂Te₃
Subcritical-Water Extraction of Organics From Solid Matrices
Micro Electron MicroProbe and Sample Analyzer
Integrated Miniature Arrays of Optical Biomolecule Detectors


Integrated Miniature Arrays of Optical Biomolecule Detectors
Inter-Symbol Guard Time for Synchronizing Optical PPM

Electronics & Computers

Miniature Six-Axis Load Sensor for Robotic Fingertip
Wrap-Around Out-the-Window Sensor Fusion System
Additive for Low-Temperature Operation of Li-(CF)n Cells
Li/CFₓ Cells Optimized for Low-Temperature Operation
Number Codes Readable by Magnetic-Field-Response Recorders
Determining Locations by Use of Networks of Passive Beacons
Optical Injection Locking of a VCSEL in an OEO
Superconducting Hot-Electron Submillimeter-Wave Detector
Measuring Multiple Resistances Using Single-Point Excitation
Improved-Bandwidth Transimpedance Amplifier
Inter-Symbol Guard Time for Synchronizing Optical PPM
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

One-Megapixel Infrared Light Detector
Non-Fluoro-Based Textile Repellency Treatment

NASA Tech Needs

Power Beaming for Small Robots and Remote Instruments

Tech for License

Low-Cost Engineered Properties for Non- Wovens, Films, and Laminates
Cooler, Quieter Jet Engine for Light-Sport Aircraft and Ultralights