Articles : Software
Industry Update: Analysis & Simulation Software

Multiphysics, simulation lifecycle management, unified simulation, and other terms are becoming the new trends in analysis and simulation software. There are new capabilities, new options for analysis and simulation management, and even room for growth in the market. We polled executives from...

Articles : Photonics/Optics
Image Sensors Decades Old But Not Yet Mature

There’s no rule that says when a technology becomes mature, but one might think that image sensors would be by now, 40 years after their conception. Nothing could be further from the truth. After decades of use in fax machines, scanners, and camcorders, image sensors are now in the largest growth...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Virtual Memory

Software developers face constant challenges. Not only must their code be functionally correct, it must also be reliable. In addition, competition among software vendors has taken software quality to significantly higher levels. Producing high-quality code has become one of the core requirements in the software industry today as...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Understanding the Unique Requirements of Portable Data Acquisition Systems

Portable data acquisition applications have to meet a number of stringent requirements not present in traditional laboratory systems. Environmental conditions such as extremes in temperature, humidity, shock and vibration, are all factors that must be considered when...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Ultra-Wideband Recording Stretches to Keep Up With Digitizers

Systems designers are always pressing for faster and faster real-time performance, and data acquisition technology continues to evolve to meet that need. Currently available high-performance digitizers perform in the range of 2 to 5 GS/sec, and some new instruments are featuring 7...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Using Ethernet for Process Automation

The use of Ethernet communications in industrial applications is growing because it enables the real-time exchange of information between processing equipment and companies' Ethernet-based management systems. Some of the factors encouraging the use of Ethernet technology include:

the speed advantages...
Articles : Electronics & Computers
How PCI Express Is Changing Machine Vision

PCI Express is the peripheral bus now being adopted by next-generation PCs, servers, and industrial computers. It provides a scaleable, high-bandwidth, point-to-point pathway between peripheral cards and the computing core while retaining application software compatibility with previous generations. For...

Articles : Nanotechnology
National Nano Engineering Conference Preview

The 2007 NASA Tech Briefs National Nano Engineering Conference (NNEC), to be held November 14-15 at the Boston Marriott Copley Place, is produced for design engineers who want to know what’s real, what’s close, and what might be coming in the world of nanotechnology. The NNEC will help you keep...

Articles : Research Lab
Eye On Innovation
By Mike Santori
National Instruments
Business & Technology Fellow
National Instruments
Austin, TX

High-tech companies live and die by their ability to innovate. Creating new products and technologies is essential to gaining new customers as well as keeping current customers. We often...

Articles : Photonics/Optics
LED-Equipped Spectrophotometers Find Their Way to the Factory Floor

Companies that manufacture products ultimately used by consumers — interior trim for cars, vinyl siding for homes, decorative stone for landscaping, interior wall paints, etc. — are often discovering that they need to use precise spectrophotometers to ensure first-time color...

Articles : Motion Control
Using Motion Control to Guide Augmented Reality Manufacturing Systems

Assembly is a complicated, sometimes tedious process that often unfolds sequentially along a series of stations. In the manufacture of complex equipment such as jet engines and automobiles, technicians are guided through their work by referring to printed manuals, which...

Articles : RF & Microwave Electronics
GPS Receiver RF Front-End Enables Use of a Laptop PC for Soft Baseband Processing

Software techniques for use in the global positioning system (GPS)1,2 have recently captured the growing interest of communication and navigation engineers. Thanks to very-largescale integration (VLSI) development, powerful CPUs and DSPs are now capable...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Cell Technology Tackles 3D Medical Imaging Reconstruction Challenges

Medical imaging is an information processing technique that takes data samples from medical devices such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computer tomography (CT) scanners and translates them into 2D, 3D or even 4D images. Advances in sensor technology allow for the...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
User Programmable FPGAs Power CompactRIO Embedded Systems

With a laundry list of design constraints, including a combination of real-time requirements, reliability/durability requests, and functionality and performance needs, it’s not surprising that engineers may find successfully building a competitive embedded solution difficult. To...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Using RapidIO® Technology as a System-Level Fabric

Both Serial RapidIO and Ethernet are being used as a backplane interconnect technology in a wide range of embedded applications. Many suppliers support both standards and let designers choose to work with whichever interconnect they feel is best. This neutral position provides interesting...