Eye-Safe Laser Illuminator

The Prolight-G from Snake Creek Lasers (Hallstead, PA) is a rugged, eye-safe laser illuminator that features a continuously-variable cone-angle setting to accommodate short-distance illumination tasks. Highly durable and water-resistant, the Prolight-G is constructed of machined and anodized aluminum. The Prolight-G...

Supercontinuum Fiber Laser

Fianium (Southampton, UK) has developed a supercontinuum (SC) fiber laser based on its proprietary high-performance photonic crystal fiber (PCF) design. SC lasers, based on the PCF design, offer true white spectrum covering the entire 390nm-2400nm band. They also deliver greater power in the visible 400nm - 700nm part...

Imaging Spectrometer

The Pika NIR from Resonon (Bozeman, MT) is a cost-effective, line-scan imaging spectrometer for the 900nm - 1,700nm spectral range. The system includes an embedded InGaAs camera, interchangeable c-mount objective lens, and the company’s SpectrononPro data acquisition software for plug-and-play operation. Rotational or...

Variable Angle Tilt Stage

PROMET International (Shoreview, MN) has introduced the FiBO® Variable Angle Tilt Stage (VATS) with Bare Fiber (BF) Adapter for efficient bare fiber endface geometry testing. When used with the FiBO® 300 Interferometer, the VATS quickly verifies the nominal cleave angle of bare fiber. Reports are generated with a...

Clear Aperture Beam Collimator

Optical Surfaces (Surrey, UK) has released a 235mm clear aperture beam collimator that can precisely measure the quality of the company’s imaging systems from the visible to the IR, using Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) criteria. The 235mm clear aperture beam collimator has an output wavefront error better...

X-Ray Photodiode

The AXUV 100GX Absolute X-ray Photodiode from International Radiation Detectors (Torrance, CA) possesses known active silicon thicknesses and 100 percent internal quantum efficiency, making possible absolute measurement of X-ray flux with energies of 100 keV and beyond. The AXUV 100GX photodiode features a large, 10mm × 10mm...

Pavement Profiling Sensor

LMI Technologies (Vancouver, Canada) has introduced the SelcomTM High Speed RoLineTM 1130 Sensor with laser line sensing for accurate profiling of all pavement geometries on high-speed profilers, at any vehicle speed. The laser line measuring principle improves the accuracy of pavement profiling for coarse...

UV Curable Adhesive

Master Bond (Hackensack, NJ) offers UV10FL-1 UV curable adhesive with a tensile strength of 2,850 psi and a tensile modulus of 154,000 psi. It remains a flexible adhesive with elongation at break of 43%. UV10FL-1 is a low viscosity liquid adhesive and can be cured in a wide range of section thicknesses. The adhesive exhibits...

Optomechanical Design Software

Lambda Research Corporation (Littleton, MA) has released TracePro® 5.0, the newest version of its optomechanical design software. TracePro 5.0 provides a new interface for modeling optical sources. Users can define and manage spectral data for each unique source and to combine different source types in a single...

Digital X-Ray Detectors

PerkinElmer Optoelectronics (Waltham, MA) has introduced high-speed, high-throughput, digital X-ray detectors for industrial and medical applications, including pipeline inspection and diagnostic and therapeutic medical imaging. The amorphous silicon (a-Si) digital X-ray detectors have an output speed up to 30 fps, 16-bit...

4-inch Fizeau Interferometer

The Z100 from ESDI (Tuscon, AZ) is a Fizeau interferometer with a four inch aperture. The interferometer is available in wavelength options of 405nm, 542nm, 1053nm, 1064nm, 1313nm, and 1550nm. Reference optics for all wavelengths, including 632.8nm, are available.

Laser Diode Mounting Fixtures

ILX Lightwave Corporation (Bozeman, MT) has released the LDM-49800 series of laser diode mounting fixtures for high-power fiber-coupled laser diodes. The LDM-49800 series consists of two family members that accommodate 2-pin modules and 6-pin, 8-pin, and 14-pin butterfly laser modules. A case temperature control...

Articles : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Mechatronic System Integration and Design

While today’s multi-discipline mechatronic systems significantly outperform legacy systems, they are also much more complex by nature, requiring close cooperation between multiple design disciplines in order to have a chance of meeting schedule requirements and first-pass success. Mechatronic system...

Bringing Open Source Advantages to Engineering

As a career engineer, the need to coordinate large-scale design activity and all of the associated information has presented an ongoing challenge. In my opinion, one of the most exciting developments over the past decade has been the mainstream adoption of open source techniques.

In the...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Patient Monitoring Using Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive sensors can be used to measure many different physical parameters that are important when monitoring the health of patients. In particular, the technical advances made by sensor manufacturers in using micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS), fabricated using silicon microchip manufacturing...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Designing Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

General purpose flexible circuit boards are those with electronic components that can be bent to fit in tight spaces. Most are just one or two layers thick and are meant for "flex to install" applications, as they will tolerate limited flex cycles. Circuit boards like this are often found in a variety of...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Software Development for Low Power Designs

The increasing emphasis on green technologies has focused more attention on low power design. Microcontroller vendors are responding by increasing their offerings of ultra low power devices that consume as little as 350 uA/MHz and have sub-uA sleep modes.

Articles : Photonics/Optics
Treating Retinal Disease with FPGA Controlled Lasers

More than 50 percent of Americans diagnosed with diabetes are at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy, a retinal disease that can lead to blindness. The condition is a result of diabetes affecting the circulatory system of the retina and causing abnormal new blood vessel growth. It has...

Who's Who
Nicholas Johnson, Chief Scientist and Program Manager for NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office, Johnson Space Flight Center

Nicholas Johnson is Chief Scientist and Program Manager for NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office. In July 2008 he was awarded the Department of Defense Joint Meritorious Civilian Service Award for his contribution to...

Application Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Alumina Ceramic “Dog Bone” Helps Chandra Detect High-Energy Events
Fine-grained alumina ceramic charge detector
Quakertown, PA

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory was launched into high elliptical orbit in 1998. The 39-foot-long, 10,000-pound observatory is designed to study...

Application Briefs : Communications
Communications System Supports the Ames Airspace Operations Lab
Voice-over-IP communications system
Santa Maria, CA

Quintron was selected by NASA’s Ames Research Center (ARC) to supply a new Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications system to support the ARC Airspace Operations...

Application Briefs : Electronics & Computers
New Small Form Factor Storage Standard Targets Embedded Systems

To achieve small size, low power consumption and fast time to market requirements, embedded systems designers often look to chipsets found in cell phone handsets or mobile internet devices (MIDs) to cost-effectively meet their design requirements. These components, whether they are...

Application Briefs : Photonics/Optics
Using Hollow Core Plastic Bragg Fiber to Deliver Ultrashort Pulse Laser Beams

Ultrashort pulse (USP), or “ultrafast,” lasers emit extremely brief pulses of light, generally with duration of a picosecond (10-12 seconds) or less. The pulses are characterized by a high optical intensity that induces nonlinear interactions in various materials,...

P356 Low-Pressure Gage

Kavlico, a unit of Custom Sensors & Technologies, Moorpark, CA, has introduced the P356 low-pressure gage/differential pressure sensor for applications requiring an operational life in excess of 10 years. Available in pressure ranges of 0-0.5, 0-1, ±1, 0-3, and 0-5 PSI, the sensor provides a linear amplified voltage...

Optical Encoder

The TONiC optical encoder from Renishaw, Hoffman Estates, IL, provides the accuracy of fine-pitch encoders in a rugged, simple-to-install package. It employs a compact read head (35mm long × 13.5mm wide × 10mm high for design/application flexibility and installation; even on micro-manufacturing systems for the semiconductor,...

Pillow Blocks

Pillow blocks from Quality Bearings & Components, Garden City Park, NY, feature both locking collar and set screw types. Designated the BBXBLK-HCP and BBXBLK-UCP Series, the blocks have cast iron housings and are designed to fit shafts ranging from 1/2 to 3-1/2in. in diameter. The height from the bottom of the unit to the shaft...

Incremental Encoder

The DFS 60 incremental encoders from Sick|Stegmann, Dayton, OH, are available in fully programmable versions to accommodate any value from 1 to 65,536 pulses per revolution. With the help of a simple programming tool, users, system integrators and distributors can select any number of lines between 1 and 65,536 via their PC...

Piezo Linear Actuator

Based on the Piezo Walk principle, the N-380/N-381 NEXACT® ceramic linear motor actuator from Physik Instrumente replaces classical lead screw actuators. It combines high forces and long travel ranges with sub-nanometer resolution in a small package. It provides 1 kg of push/pull force, 30mm of travel, and 10mm/sec...

DC Gearmotors

Designed for high torque, tight space applications, the FlexTorq™ 762 series hollow shaft offset DC gearmotors from Bison Gear & Engineering Corp., St. Charles, IL, feature either a 1.25in. (31.75mm) I.D. hollow shaft, or a 1.25in. diameter solid shaft in u-shaped or s-shaped configurations. Driven by 1/20, 1/4 or 1/2hp, 90Vdc...

Speed Regulator

The Cushion-Start Kinechek® speed regulator from Deschner Corp., Santa Ana, CA, combines the shock absorbing feature of the company’s Cushioneer® shock absorber with the Kinechek® speed regulator. The impact-absorbing feature is a safeguard for those applications where a fast moving load exerts an impact force beyond the...

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