Articles : Photonics/Optics
Spectral vs. Coherent Beam Combining: How Do They Compare?

Partial reflectors in interferometers and polarization-sensitive devices (beam splitters used in reverse) such as beam-splitting cubes are common examples of systems that combine two beams (adding beams so that they are co-linear). While these components perform beam combining, they...

Who's Who
Dr. Walter Merrill, Associate for Business Development, John H. Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

Dr. Walter Merrill is involved in a variety of programs aimed at forming partnerships with private and public entities. For the past five years, he has been working towards developing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices that are made...

Application Briefs : Software
Collaboration Software Connects NASA Employees with Suppliers
Teamcenter®product lifecycle management software
UGS Corp.
Plano, TX
Application Briefs : Test & Measurement
Science Instruments to Examine Pluto and Its Moon
Science instruments
Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX
Products : Electronics & Computers
Flash Drive Records Unmanned NASA Balloon Flight Data
BiTMICRO® E-Disk® flash drive
BiTMICRO® Networks
Fremont, CA

The Cosmic Rays Energetics and Mass (CREAM) project is a NASA-sponsored high-altitude balloon experiment led by the University of Maryland in collaboration with...

Briefs : Photonics/Optics
Cambridge Consultants, Boston, Massachusetts

A standalone, handheld, through-wall radar unit is under development to provide three-dimensional feedback on the location and movement of people inside buildings. Applications include military and emergency service such as hostage situations and search and rescue. The unit, which can be held against...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Single-Board Computer Aids in Space Craft Control
SCS750 single-board computer
Maxwell Technologies
San Diego, CA

The National Polar-orbiting Operational Environment Satellite System (NPOESS) is a $6-billion, multi-year program with Northrop Grumman Space Technology (NGST) that will...

Articles : Medical
Diverse Technologies Enable Today's Medical Breakthroughs

As advances in cellular biology, gene mapping, and other areas of medicine continue, amazing technologies for diagnosing, treating, and even curing diseases are emerging. Specifically, new technologies are being developed to fight the war against cancer, including advances in imaging and...

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