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Application Briefs : Motion Control
“Pinball Wizards” Bank on Motion/Stress Analysis Software to Redesign Game

Stern Pinball of Melrose Park, IL, is the only manufacturer of coin-operated pinball machines in the world. Today, Stern’s pinball games are designed using sophisticated computer simulation software.

Application Briefs : Electronics & Computers
Converter Helps NASA Transmit HDTV to Earth
DVB Master FD™ PCI video board
San Diego, CA
Application Briefs : Software
Software Automates Flight Work Order System
ProductCenter™ product lifecycle management (PLM)
Tewksbury, MA
Application Briefs : Aerospace
Digital Thermometer and Surface Probe Help Repair Shuttle Tiles
Fluke 54 Series II digital thermometer and
Fluke 80PK-27 surface probe
Fluke Corp.
Everett, WA
Application Briefs : Software
Software Helps NASA Create Graphics Library
Deep Server™ PGM Software
Right Hemisphere
Fremont, CA
Application Briefs : Motion Control
Software and Hardware Automate Cylindrical Coordinate Measurement Machine Control System

The Mechanical Engineering School at the Georgia Institute of Technology needed to reduce the set-up time involved in centering a bearing ring on a rotating spindle in a cylindrical coordinate measurement machine.

Application Briefs : Motion Control
Analysis Software Used to Test Solar Car Steering and Stability

The Toronto, Canada-based Power of One solar car was built to set world distance records and promote the use of sustainable energy, unlike most solar cars that are built for racing. Most solar cars are designed only for controlled conditions on a track, but the Power of One...

Application Briefs : Motion Control
Lead Screws Play Role in Case Packer Retrofit

In the industrial automation market, an increase in speed results in an increase in production rates. Increased production rates, in turn, lead to increased profit.

Application Briefs : Software
Collaboration Software Connects NASA Employees with Suppliers
Teamcenter®product lifecycle management software
UGS Corp.
Plano, TX
Application Briefs : Test & Measurement
Science Instruments to Examine Pluto and Its Moon
Science instruments
Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX

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