NASA Tech Needs

NASA Tech Needs:
Diagnostic Indicators on Consumer Packaging

Low-cost, flexible diagnostic indicators must be incorporated onto consumer product packaging. The main focus of the technology should be the diagnosis of bad breath; a printable diagnostic strip on...

NASA Tech Needs:
Graphene as Filler for Thermoplastic Nanocomposites

To save costs and reduce weight, a company is exploring graphene as a filler for thermoplastic resins. Work to date has shown that graphene dispersion is generally poor in...

NASA Tech Needs:
High-Temperature Seals for Non-Nuclear Test Facility

The United States National Research Council (NRC) has identified Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (NTP) as a high-priority NASA Space Technology Roadmap Area. NTP could be an enabling...

NASA Tech Needs:
Sterilizable Applicator for Pre-Mixed Liquid Formulation

An organization needs an inexpensive device to deliver a pre-measured amount of liquid evenly to a surface. The applicator is intended for a single use, must be able to be...

NASA Tech Needs:
Force-Feedback Mechanism

A torque-feedback mechanism must measure force, pressure, and displacement. The hybrid system or multi-part assembly requires haptic, visual, sound, temperature, or vibration feedback instruments. The technology may...

NASA Tech Needs:
Creation of Novel Optical Effects

A client seeks transformative technologies that will enable a variety of optical effects or hidden messaging to be created directly onto consumer products and its packaging. Reversible effects that are...

NASA Tech Needs:
Reduction of Plastics Used in Packaging

An organization must reduce the amount of plastic resin used in packaging, while maintaining the package’s structural integrity and functionality through the supply chain. It may be possible, for...

NASA Tech Needs:
Oxygen Barrier Materials for Improving Food/Beverage Shelf Life

An organization would like to increase the oxygen barrier in thermoplastic elastomers by an order of magnitude or more to preserve the shelf life of food/beverages. This...

NASA Tech Needs:
New Shipping Alternatives for Liquid and Granular Materials

Liquids and granular materials can often be of high weight and mass. A firm seeks new shipping alternatives to handle both kinds of material. Alternative means of shipping...

NASA Tech Needs:
Dust Mitigation Connectors for Electrical Cables and Fluid Lines

Faults in wiring systems are a serious concern for the aerospace and aeronautic (commercial, military, and civil) industries. Circuit failures and vehicle accidents have occurred...

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