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Printable Electrical Heating Element or Film Bonded to Metal Surface

A firm is seeking materials that can be printed, sprayed, or transferred onto a metal surface (copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, nickel, chrome) as a film so that, when connected to a power source, become hot and heat the metal surface to ~400 °F. The heating film or...

NASA Tech Needs
Parametric Design and Analysis to Support Model-Based Systems Engineering Using SysML

What is commonly called Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) proposes to replace traditional document-centric approaches to systems engineering with model-centric approaches in which the complete definition of the system or product is captured in a single...

Techs for License
Preflight Determination of Passengers' Weight in Civil Aviation

This system and method provide accurate determination of a passenger’s weight to an airline prior to flight. This allows for fuel consumption saving, increases revenues of freight loading, and improves crew and aircraft performance in diverse emergencies. The system processes...

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High-Temperature, Ceramics-Based Composite Material

This invention is a manufacturing process of a high-temperature, ceramics-based composite material that features excellent heat and oxidation resistance and frictional properties. The composite material is a dense SiC-infiltrated composite material, a dense carbon-fiber-reinforced...

Tech Needs
Ammonium Probe-Type Sensor for Biofermentation Process Monitoring

A company seeks a probe-type ammonium sensor that can stand up to high temperatures and pressure during the sterilization step for fermentation, and that can deliver real-time concentration information during fermentation. The fermentation processes used require up to 60 hours to...

Tech Needs
Anti-Fouling Technologies for Hard Surfaces

A company seeks components to make up one or more systems that can remove surface contamination (biofilms), lime scum, and lime scale buildup; ameliorate water hardness, mold, mildew, and similar spores; and handle soap scum and remove surface detritus from a variety of materials. These components...

NASA Tech Needs : Aerospace
Icing Protection for Composite UAV Aircraft

NASA is expanding the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) fabricated from composite materials as aerial platforms to carry scientific payloads for science and environmental missions. The UAV brings an unprecedented capability for extended flight duration (over 24 hours on station) to provide...

Techs for License
Multi-Vector Electronic Control of an AC Motor Drive Reduces Torque Ripple

By suppressing or controlling harmonic currents and voltages of the motor to overcome torque ripple, this system improves the efficiency and torque performance of an AC motor, especially permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). Many PMSMs use a concentrated winding,...

Techs for License
Innovative Aluminum Flat Solar Collector

A new flat solar collector features a heat-absorbing surface that equals the heat-transferring surface, resulting in high-heat performance and efficiency. There is no mediatory unit between the heat-transferring surface of the absorber and the heating agent. This means no galvanic corrosion, which would...

Tech Needs
Carbon-Based Nanotubes that Scale with Better Conductivity

A company seeks carbon nanotubes for conductive applications that, polymerized in bulk, can offer better conductivity than carbon materials in use today, and which are lighter in weight than current non-carbon conductors. The nanotubes should have conductivity approaching that of copper...

Tech Needs
System for Qualitative Analysis of Microorganisms

A company is seeking a system or method for qualitative analysis of microorganisms that can then classify them according to their taxonomy, thus identifying them. The company needs to formulate a new, single, robust assay that classifies a microorganism if known, and if unknown by the assay,...

NASA coats metallic structures and ground support equipment to guard against the adverse effects of corrosion and to ensure they meet or exceed intended...

Techs for License
Pre-Stressed Composite Riser Tubes Transfer Loads to Metal Fittings

This technology mates load-bearing composite tubes to the metal fittings that support them, thus allowing composites to be used in applications currently requiring steel risers. The composites are geometrically pre-stressed during construction and mated to their metal fittings...

Techs for License
Dust-Free Aerogel Insulation Works in Tight Spaces and Extreme Conditions

Most insulating applications block additional heat transfer by adding more insulation. This thin, flexible, aerogel-based thermal insulation is available in thicknesses from 0.25 to 1 mm, and achieves a thermal conductivity in the range of 15-20 milliWatts/meter-Kelvin...

Tech Needs
Ideas and Protocols to Differentiate Terrestrial Life from Indigenous Exobiological Life

No protocol exists to determine whether life found on other planets or in space is indigenous to its locale, or is the result of contamination from probes sent by Earth. NASA seeks such a protocol in anticipation of manned exploration of Mars. The protocol...


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