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NASA coats metallic structures and ground support equipment to guard against the adverse effects of corrosion and to ensure they meet or exceed intended...

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Pre-Stressed Composite Riser Tubes Transfer Loads to Metal Fittings

This technology mates load-bearing composite tubes to the metal fittings that support them, thus allowing composites to be used in applications currently requiring steel risers. The composites are geometrically pre-stressed during construction and mated to their metal fittings...

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Dust-Free Aerogel Insulation Works in Tight Spaces and Extreme Conditions

Most insulating applications block additional heat transfer by adding more insulation. This thin, flexible, aerogel-based thermal insulation is available in thicknesses from 0.25 to 1 mm, and achieves a thermal conductivity in the range of 15-20 milliWatts/meter-Kelvin...

Tech Needs
Ideas and Protocols to Differentiate Terrestrial Life from Indigenous Exobiological Life

No protocol exists to determine whether life found on other planets or in space is indigenous to its locale, or is the result of contamination from probes sent by Earth. NASA seeks such a protocol in anticipation of manned exploration of Mars. The protocol...

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Polymer/Carbon or Other Materials With Conductivity Approaching Copper and Aluminum

A company seeks a weight-saving alternative to sheets and wires of copper and aluminum that can operate at specific frequencies. The company wants to replace conductive casings, conductors, wires, grounding plates, and similar electronics structures with other...

NASA Tech Needs

Maintaining proper operation is crucial in safety-critical settings such as space-going vehicles, launch operations, and aeronautics applications. Should abnormal conditions be encountered, it is desirable...

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Microshutters With Fast Switching Time for Highly Integrated Spectrometers

In contemporary spectrometers the wavelength selection is obtained through a dispersing optical element and a linear detector. The introduction of micro-cantilevers with fast response time, used as micro-shutters, allows the possibility to adopt a single sensing...

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Size-Controlled Fabrication of Microparticles Incorporating Active Ingredients

A scaleable technique based on ink-jet technology fabricates polymer microparticles with best-in-class size distribution. It is suitable for a variety of particle morphologies such as solid, porous, and microcapsules filled with gases, liquids, or a combination. Drugs...

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Method for Attaining an Extreme Cantilever

A company needs to extend horizontally the loose end of a small coil of lightweight stored material without external support; essentially, achieving a cantilever supported only at one beam end. Material, beam cross-section, and beam structure are on the table, but the solution must meet strict criteria...

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Radioprotectants for Humans Exposed to Chronic and Acute Radiation

A company seeks biological, pharmaceutical, or dietary countermeasures to act as radioprotectants for humans exposed to higher doses of radiation — either chronic exposure or acute exposure. The company is searching for any successful radiation countermeasures, mitigants, and...

NASA Tech Needs
Cognitive Networking for NASA

NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation Program (SCaN) is exploring potential benefits of adding “intelligence” (reasoning and learning) to SCaN’s Integrated Network Architecture in order to increase network efficiency, provide tailored user services, reduce network operating costs through automation, and...

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High-Efficiency, Positive-Displacement, Water-Powered Sump Pump

This invention addresses the stormwater backup damage to finished basements and below-grade construction that occurs during power outages when the AC pump cannot operate and DC battery backup pumps are unable to operate for long duration. Even during harsh storm conditions, however,...

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Cellular Wireless Gateway for Residential and Commercial Communication

This technology offers a revolutionary and versatile platform with remote, real-time information combined with immediate control and response applications in energy monitoring and management systems. This technology is reliable, durable, and able to integrate seamlessly with...

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Real-Time Analysis and Reporting of Water-Borne Microorganisms

A company seeks a technology that enables monitoring of the microorganism content of stored potable water in real time, and reporting the water’s status to assure its continued potability even after storage times as long as a year. The apparatus must be small and lightweight,...

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