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NASA Tech Needs

NASA’s long-duration human missions far from Earth and operation of closed-loop life support systems have critical needs for monitoring and control for environmental quality and...

Techs for License
Co-Extrusion Process Prevents Ingredient Co-Mingling

This co-extrusion process helps turn a batch process into a continuous production process, thus speeding the production line and enabling production of materials that otherwise might be difficult or impossible to produce using conventional extrusion and post-extrusion processing.

Techs for License
Shape-Memory Diaphragm Shutter Valve for Fluid Flow Interception and Icing Prevention

This valve for gases, liquids, or powdery materials has an extremely simple and low-cost structure. Opening and closing functions are generated by using shape-memory wires, which move a diaphragm shutter element. The shape memory can reshape the diaphragm to...

Tech Needs
Polymer/Carbon or Other Materials with Conductivity Approaching Copper and Aluminum

A company seeks a weight-saving alternative to sheets and wires of copper and aluminum that can operate at specific frequencies. The goal is to replace conductive casings, conductors, wires, grounding plates, and similar electronics structures with other...

Tech Needs
Accurate Measurement Techniques for Deep-Bone Density and Structure

A company seeks a clinically useful technology with enough sensitivity to assess the microstructure of “spongy” bone that is found in the marrow cavities of whole bones. However, this technology must be for skeletal sites surrounded by layers of soft tissues, such as the...

NASA Tech Needs
Active Wing Shape Control Technology for Aircraft

NASA has long been recognized as a leader in aeronautics research and development that has greatly contributed to aircraft technology for safe and efficient air travel. A new focus is emerging in “green” aviation technologies that could potentially revolutionize aviation systems. One...

Techs for License
Fast, Quantitative Diagnostic Reader for Medical Tests

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

This medical reader can perform diagnostic tests on any bodily fluid that attenuates light, such as blood, urine, sputum, or other fluid. Thousands of potential tests are possible, including immunoassay, colorimetric/chromogenic tests, cholesterol, and...

Techs for License
Low-Cost Nanomaterials Synthesis and Delivery Mechanism

Drayton Weissenfels Inc.

This platform technology produces ultra-small, water-dispersible nanomaterials that are easily incorporated into existing products and processes. The process is done under simple conditions and results in nanoparticles that are ultra-small (

Tech Needs
Technology for Drilling/Cutting/Separating Materials

A company seeks alternative methods for sawing, drilling, boring, cutting, or otherwise separating materials such as wood, metal, and composites. When compared to conventional sawing, drilling, boring, or other cutting methods, the new method should be faster and easier; provide a cleaner cut...

Tech Needs
Near-Field UHF RFID Systems

A company seeks a near-field ultra-high-frequency (UHF) RFID system solution that can communicate in near-field while keeping the field region localized so that far-field talks can be suppressed. A new near-field UHF RFID reader antenna is sought that has strong magnetic near-field, but small far-field gain and beam...

NASA Tech Needs: RF & Microwave Electronics
Developing a Commercial Nanoionics Switch for RF Applications

The Antenna and Optical Systems Branch at NASA’s Glenn Research Center is working on many innovations in nanotechnology for use in communications applications. One such emerging field of nanotechnology receiving significant attention for its promising results is nanoionics....

Techs for License
PicoEndo Tethered Endoscope

Stevrin & Partners

The PicoEndo endoscope is the smallest tethered endoscope in the world (4.5mm × 12.0mm). It is also inexpensive enough to use and discard. The PicoEndo system is applicable to medical tasks such as photographing the surface of the esophagus, and to applications in any industry that needs...

Techs for License: Photonics/Optics
Flat-Plate Lens Achieves Negative Refraction at 100-nm Resolution

AIST Innovations

Experiments with holograms have led to a thin-film flat-plate lens that has a periodic (layered) structure and that is capable of a resolution of 100 nm or finer. The flat lens provides excellent image-forming characteristics by the incidence of light...

Techs for License: Lighting

A lighting technology from RTI is more energy efficient than the common incandescent light bulb and does not contain mercury, making it environmentally safer than the compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb....