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Microbial-Based Lawn-Care, Pond-Care, and Cleaning Technologies

Proprietary microbial systems use naturally occurring microbes in lieu of chemicals in fertilizers, microbial inoculants, cleaning products, and pond treatments. Products are based on incorporating beneficial micro-organisms with a variety of task-specific organic surfactants,...

Tech Needs : Aerospace
NASA Technology Needs: An Overview

M. N. Dastoor, Ph.D

Chief Technologist, Innovative Partnerships Program Office

NASA Headquarters, Washington, D. C.

The NASA Strategic Plan articulates a three-part Mission for the Agency: (1) Space Exploration; (2) Scientific Discovery; (3) Aeronautics Research. These...

NASA Tech Needs
Home Exterior Building/Construction Products

A company is looking for innovative or improved PVCu/composite products, systems, and manufacturing technologies relating to home exterior building/construction products and systems. Products, systems, or technologies to improve energy efficiency, U-value, product performance/ lifetime, visual...

NASA Tech Needs
Methods to Detect Minute Quantities of Acrylamide in Foods

A large global food company seeks a rapid, inexpensive, and reliable test that can detect even small levels of acrylamide in fried snack foods. What is desired is a rapid, simple, inexpensive method that could be performed essentially online in a fried snack plant by line operators or...

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Unique DNA Signature Identifies Organism’s Species

Unique genetic markers called oligonucleotides can provide swift identification of a known organism or rule out an organism from known genomes. This software technology provides a way to generate thousands of such markers and provides a searchable database of chromosomal sequences for over 100...

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Finger Seals Replace Brush or Labyrinth Seals

Finger seals are non-contact fluid seals similar in purpose to labyrinth or brush seals in that they act as a barrier between two areas of the same or different pressures, but allow a rotating shaft to penetrate through them from one side to the other. Applications include sealing rotating parts in...

NASA Tech Needs
Topical Delivery for Analgesic Medications

A company seeks new non-oral delivery mechanisms for analgesics. Non-oral methods avoid the stomach and the intestine. These new mechanisms might be topical; that is, in contact with the outer layer of the skin. However, other nonoral mechanisms are open for consideration. Non-oral administration...

NASA Tech Needs
Heating Different Zones of Food in a Microwave Oven

An organization seeks technology to enable foods to become crispy when heated in a home microwave oven. The outer surface should heat and become (or remain) crispy, while the interior body of the food should heat only as appropriate. The organization seeks materials, ingredients, or other...

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Detecting Your Level of Hydration

HydroSmart is a new way to determine if you are adequately hydrated at any given time. It is a handheld, portable, simple- to-use device that requires a stream of urine, and the results are given almost instantaneously via a color-changing reagent. A color change corresponds to the specific gravity of the urine...

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High-Production Suction Head for Mud, Sludge, and Sewerage Dredging

This technology features a uniquely designed suction head that eliminates problems typically experienced in alluvial diamond mining, mud, sewerage pumping, or dredging operations. This patented system offers a proven solution where no divers are required, and which can be...

NASA Tech Needs
Searching for Patents Related to Online Wagering & Video Games

The buyer is actively searching for patents to acquire in the online gaming and video console space.

The areas of interest are in player management and account management systems for online games portals. User interface patents and advertising/ecommerce inventions are also...

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Looking to Acquire Audio-Video Technology Patents and Portfolios

The buyer is actively searching for individual patents or patent portfolios related to video and audio delivery and play-back on consoles, handsets and a wide range of consumer electronics devices.

Technologies of interest include data compression, video manipulation,...

NASA Tech Needs
In-Process Detection of Defects During Welding

Technology is required to enable “in-process” or real-time detection of defects during the welding process. This could be achieved by a system that can monitor any combination of accessible parameters during the weld process and then by analyzing changes, ascertain the presence of a weld defect,...

NASA Tech Needs
New Analgesic Actives

A company is looking for the next generation in analgesics. There are several fine analgesics on the market, both by prescription and over the counter, that vary in dosage load, dosage form, molecular size, speed of effectiveness, and side effects or toxicity (if any). New actives in the realm of analgesia are sought, and...

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All-Natural Preservative

White mustard essential oil (WMEO) is an all-natural extract from white mustard seeds that delivers broad antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, yeast, and mold, providing a natural and effective alternative to synthetic or artificial preservatives. WMEO has broad application in beverages, meats, poultry, salads,...


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