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NASA is focused on building a human outpost on the lunar surface. To reach this goal, there is a critical need to develop energy storage technologies to power the future...

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Catalytic Filters for Outdoor Power Equipment

NoxFox™ Catalytic Filters reduce harmful emissions from engine exhaust with performance comparable to existing catalytic converters. High-surface-area ceramic nanofibers hold nanoparticles of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and other catalysts, so that NoxFox catalytic filters are comparatively...

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Password Protection System Requires No Special Hardware

The High-Security Password System takes the place of strong passwords on digital devices and online services, yet is easy to remember and quick to enter for most individuals. This system places images in a two- or three-dimensional matrix to generate the equivalent of a ten-digit number....

Tech Needs
Reducing Free Fatty Acids in Frying Oil

A food manufacturer is looking for a technology to extend the usability of its frying oils; specifically, technologies to reduce the formation of free fatty acids (FFA) during frying. The company seeks to change or control chemical reaction of hydrolysis without changing water content of the food itself....

Tech Needs
Image Processing for Controlling a Robot or Quality Inspection

A company seeks technologies that may be applicable to automated assembly lines, including a robot to use image processing to select and pick up small parts from a bin using a pin several millimeters in diameter. The image processing technology should be general-purpose and highly...

NASA Tech Needs
Centennial Challenges

The NASA Regolith Excavation Challenge was held on August 2 and 3 on the campus of the California Poly - technic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. The competition required teams to build a roving excavator that...

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Technology Uses In-Building Wi-Fi to Determine Location of Wireless Devices

LOCADIO technology pairs readings of IEEE 802.11× received signal-strength indication (RSSI) with probabilistic analysis of building floor plans to deduce where a wirelessenabled device is in a building. It can locate a wireless device within a room to an accuracy of...

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Advanced Particle Separation Technology Uses Coriolis Force and Specific Gravity

This technology selectively separates fine and small particles that have a desired particle size range by using the particles’ specific gravity and their various sedimentation rates in a rotating vessel of vibrating liquid. By adjusting the frequency and amplitude...

Tech Needs
Wireless Communication for Factory Automation

A company seeks technology that is applicable to automated assembly lines; specifically, a reliable and fast short-range wireless technology that can take the place of wired connections for robots and factory automation equipment. Equipment with appendages in motion, such as robots, is fundamentally...

Tech Needs
Powder Atomization Technology

A company seeks an innovative powder atomization technology, which will produce dense, highly spherical, satellitefree metal powders in the size range 50 to 1000 microns. Coating and surface modification technologies are sought for applications including aerospace, medical, and industrial power generation markets....

NASA Tech Needs
Lunar Science Instrumentation: Understanding and Characterizing the Moon Through Challenging Measurements

NASA lunar robotic science missions support the high-priority goals identified in the 2007 National Research Council report, The Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon: Final Report (National Academies Presses, 2007). Future missions...

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Irrigation Water Extracted from Air and Soil Moisture Through Solar Power

By condensing water from the air and soil on chilled pipes, this invention attempts to alleviate both water and food shortage problems. It offers the ability to produce agricultural crops in most hot and humid climates by watering plants with condensation from...

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Aircraft Support Via a Vortex-Ring Cushion Projector

An all-terrain, multi-role, hover-capable aircraft has a fuelefficient, rugged, vertical take-off and hover propulsion system. A raised-height, dispersal-resistant hover cushion is projected over the ground by the device as two bisected concentric streams of rotating and counter-rotating torus...

Tech Needs
Gripping Hand or Chuck Technology for Automated Applications

A company is seeking unique technologies for automated hand, chuck, and grip product assembly applications (not CNC machining). Multiple sizes of gripping device are acceptable for different sized parts. The chuck or hand technology should be general purpose in nature, and show...

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