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Industrial-Scale Gas Separation

A company has a process stream made up of a variety of gases and molecules. They seek effective industrial-scale technologies that separate methane from other hydrocarbons in the stream, as well as from lighter and heavier molecules. The large-scale gas streams must be separated into their constituent molecules at...

NASA Tech Needs
Low-Water Cleaning

The manufacturing of consumer products, foods, and pharmaceuticals requires the implementation of stringent cleaning requirements of all batch, semi-continuous, and continuous processes equipment. High standards of hygienic quality must be maintained, and the cleaning process must ensure that there is no cross-contamination of...

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Safety Glass Offers Near-Infrared Heat Reflection

New safety glass technology reflects 50% of solar radiation and transmits 70% of visible light. A non-micellar twisted nematic liquid crystal features cholesteric near-infraredreflecting properties, along with at least one near-infrared absorptive material. The composition can be used as a layer...

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Microwave System Accelerates Concrete Curing

A Microwave Irradiated Pyrogen (MIP) system speeds up the concrete curing process. The use of a microwave allows the technology to operate in cold weather. Because the MIP accelerates the heating point, colder countries like Russia and Canada can use the curing system to build roads, tunnels, and...

NASA Tech Needs
Viscosity Thickeners for Adhesive Polymer

A client uses sodium and potassium stearates to build body and viscosity in a polymer dispersion intended as an adhesive. The stearates adversely affect shear strength after the dispersion cures. Non-stearate thickeners, or different stearates, are needed. By varying the nature of the fillers and...

NASA Tech Needs
New Sensations for Saline Nasal Sprays

New sensations for saline sprays and washes must moisturize dry nasal passages and relieve a stuffy nose. Additives such as eucalyptus or sesame oil, for example, produce coolness or warmth. The desired effects must calm, soften, and relieve symptoms. An antibacterial effect and a physical rinse are of...

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Multiple-Component Fibers Strengthen Non-Woven Fabric

A technology provides a full-surface, bonded, nonwoven fabric with a tensile strength suitable for packaging, bubble packs, and other applications requiring tear resistance. Fullwidth bonding, compared to the more common patterned point bonding, produces the high-strength fabric. The thin,...

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Microwave Energy Removes Fuel- Processing Impurities

A traditional sulfur-adsorption bed uses microwave energy to remove, or desorb, captured impurities. Conventional adsorption beds use heat and sometimes vacuum to cleanse the bed of sorbents; the process is energy-intensive and can reduce sorbent life. By using microwaves, the new technology...

NASA Tech Needs
Dissolution Device

To enhance transportability and shelf life, many drugs and pharmaceuticals are distributed as freeze-dried formulations. The formulations must be dissolved before they can be injected. A client therefore seeks a new device or container that helps lyophilized preparations dissolve rapidly and completely with diluents such as...

NASA Tech Needs
Grab-Bars and Safety Grips

Because of their weight and the weight they bear, most grab-bars must be installed permanently in a home, usually by drilling through the wall material and into a wall stud. In the case of grab-bars installed in a tub enclosure or shower, a permanent hole may need to be drilled through ceramic tile, thus making a...

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Acceleration Sensor Enables New Robotics Applications

The Inclinos 3DS inclination and acceleration sensor, based on thermodynamic effects, exhibits no hysteresis in response signal (output lag). A power distribution of four heaters is controlled by a closed loop, and the temperature of each heater is constantly affected by any acceleration. The...

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Water-Based Cooling Fluid Reduces Corrosion

A water/propylene glycol-based formulation acts as a heattransfer medium and reduces the corrosion of sensitive metals by 10x to 100x in heat exchangers, radiators, cold plates, and associated plumbing. The water-based cooling fluid can be used with equipment containing a variety of metals, while still...

NASA Tech Needs
Adhesion Prevention for Sheet Goods

A company produces and stacks sheet goods that have a naturally viscous and sticky surface material. The sticky material is applied at about 480 °F. During application, the coating has a specific gravity of 1.03 to 1.70, and a viscosity of >5000 cps. A release material needs to be applied to the substrate...

NASA Tech Needs
Smooth Dispensing of Adhesive

Without producing clumps, a professional adhesive must be poured in a consistent and smooth way. A company seeks a dispenser/ applicator that can handle a thick, gelatinous, preformed, professional-quality adhesive. Currently, a polymer dispersion of polyvinyl pyrrolidone is used. While the stearates thicken the...

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Manufacturing Process Supports Cost- Effective TPM Production

Transverse Flux Machines (TFMs) are brushless motors and generators that use permanent magnets. A TFM’s direction of magnetic flux is perpendicular to the direction of force, instead of parallel to it, as in a standard electric motor or generator. The machines are also inherently...

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