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NASA Tech Needs:
Delivery of Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Formulation

A company must deliver a measured amount of antiseptic/ antimicrobial formulation to a specific surface area (between 1 to 3 square feet) and be able to verify visually that the area has been...

NASA Tech Needs:
Reduction of Liquid Temperatures in Metal/Glass Containers

Beverages, when served cold, quickly heat up during consumption. A client seeks material and process technologies that will insulate against heat gain or actively reduce...

Techs for License:
Electronic Device Prevents Hearing Loss

MP3 and MP4 players, along with powerful Class-D headphone amplifiers, can cause hearing loss due to a continuously high sound pressure level (SPL). A Hungarian university has developed an electronic...

Techs for License:
Palladium Membranes Separate Hydrogen

Compared to conventional technology, palladium membranes offer an increased flow of high-purity hydrogen from a gaseous stream. The membranes are prepared by electroless- deposition plating of Pd (or Pd...

NASA Tech Needs:
Preservation of High-Water-Content Fruit

As fresh produce undergoes a number of processes from point of harvest to final products like yogurt, ice cream, pasta sauces, and frozen meals, its natural characteristics are altered. To ensure a...

NASA Tech Needs:
Removal of Kinetic Energy Associated with Transporting Light

A client seeks innovative ways to control the kinetic energy of moving products through high-speed manufacturing and filling processes. The company requires aluminum and...

Techs for License:
Microfluidic System Moves Liquid Without Electricity

Many new devices need to move nano- and micro-scale quantities of liquid from an external source to a sensor. Technology has been developed to transport very tiny volumes of liquids without...

Techs for License:
Software Recognizes Amblyopia in Early Childhood

In developed societies, amblyopia (i.e. lazy eye) is a leading cause of permanent vision loss under the age of 30. A research team implemented an electrophysiological method that recognizes the...

NASA Tech Needs:
Non-Invasive Intra-Cranial Pressure Monitoring

Because manned spaceflight still imposes unknown stresses on the human body, NASA is seeking non-invasive technological approaches for intra-cranial pressure measurement. A baseline must be...

NASA Tech Needs:
Better Foam Generation

Foam is a key indicator of efficacy and performance for a range of consumer pharmaceutical and food products. A company seeks cost-effective physical and mechanical technologies for enhanced foam generation and...

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