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Access the latest advancements, technical briefs, and trending applications in solar power generation systems, essential to design engineers working in the renewable energy sectors.

INSIDER: RF & Microwave Electronics

Once considered science fiction, technology capable of collecting solar power in space and beaming it to Earth to provide a global supply of clean and affordable energy is moving closer to reality. Through...

Articles: Energy
When solar panels are placed horizontally, they harvest 15-20 percent less energy from the sun, and hence consumers end up paying a higher price for the harvested energy.
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Q&A: Energy
Ben Ollis and a team of engineers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory are creating a novel orchestrator tool to manage a cluster of microgrids so they can directly support and communicate with each other, making them more resilient during long power outages. It is being installed as a demonstration project in the small town of Adjuntas in the Central Mountains of Puerto Rico.
Blog: Robotics, Automation & Control
Engineers developed soft devices containing algae that glow when under mechanical stress —perfect for building soft robots.

Researchers at Columbia University, supported in part by a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation, conducted a study that modeled the seasonal variability of solar and...


Princeton Engineering researchers have developed the first perovskite solar cell with a commercially viable lifetime, marking a major milestone for an emerging class of...

Briefs: Green Design & Manufacturing
Researchers have developed an inexpensive and eco-friendly steam generator to desalinate and purify water using sunlight.
Briefs: Green Design & Manufacturing
Engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have designed a novel building-solar controller that optimizes solar energy with smart technology to keep microgrids operating for up to five days.
Briefs: Design
The system makes it possible to integrate data from prior experiments, and information based on personal observations by experienced workers, into the machine learning process.
Q&A: Materials
A new kind of optical concentrator can passively focus the sun onto a photovoltaic cell from any angle to reduce the amount of photovoltaic material needed for a given amount of power generation.
Articles: Green Design & Manufacturing
A solar thermal device mimics photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide emissions into a clean energy resource.
Special Reports: Connectivity
Power Electronics - August 2022

This compendium of recent articles from the editors of Tech Briefs and Aerospace & Defense Technology looks at the latest advances in power electronics and energy storage for a range of applications...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers
A simple change to the surface of perovskite removes a barrier to its functionality.
Briefs: Power
The material remains effective as an energy harvester or sensor at temperatures to well above 572°F.
Briefs: Energy
Scientists have been trying for years to create biofuels and other bioproducts more cheaply.
Briefs: Energy
The device uses a thermoelectric module to generate voltage and current from the temperature gradient between the cell and the air.
Briefs: Design
The design could someday enable a fully decarbonized power grid.
Briefs: Energy
Hydrogen has emerged as an important carrier to store energy generated by renewable resources, as a substitute for fossil fuels used for transportation, in the production of ammonia, and for other industrial applications.
INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

In a paper published in American Chemical Society’s ACS Photonics, a University of Surrey team detailed how they used characteristics of sunlight to design a disordered honeycomb layer...

Blog: Energy
Dropped by a drone, the battery-free devices hover 100 meters in the air.
Blog: Green Design & Manufacturing
An MIT team has a water-free way to charge up dust on solar panels and repel it away.
Q&A: Energy
An inexpensive, clear coating has reduced snow and ice accumulation on solar panels, enabling them to generate up to 85% more energy in early testing.
Facility Focus: Robotics, Automation & Control
Michigan engineers and collaborators are improving smart infrastructure, autonomous transportation, weather prediction, nuclear non-proliferation, and more.
Briefs: Materials
This process could improve large touchscreens, LED light panels, and window-mounted infrared solar cells.
Briefs: Photonics/Optics
Applications include power and energy, communications, and sensors.
Briefs: Energy
A new catalyst and microchannel reactors improve efficiency and cost of the process.
Briefs: Test & Measurement
This remote forest fire detection and alarm system is powered by nothing but the movement of the trees in the wind.
Briefs: Green Design & Manufacturing
Carbon nanotubes are used to create solar cells with unprecedented flexibility and resistance.