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Briefs: Software
ICAN/PART - Integrated Particulate Composite Analyzer

The Integrated Particulate Composite Analyzer (ICAN/PART) computer program is a modified version of the Integrated Composite Analyzer (ICAN) program (LEW-15592/LEW-15832), which was developed to conduct analyses of the micromechanics of fiber-reinforced polymer-matrix composite materials....

Briefs: Software
Web-Based Software for Coordinating Work

WWWorkflow is a language-driven, data-base-mediated, web-based process mediation system. WWWorkflow leverages on intranet applications and existing information infrastructure services, making it possible to add workflow management features to preexisting information management systems, without the need...

Briefs: Software
Virtual-Reality Platform-Independent Software for Access to Mars Data

The Virtual Reality Mars Atlas User Interface (VR-MAUI) provides an atlaslike interface for access to Mars data. This access is provided via the World Wide Web, using JAVA. Within VR-MAUI, images are organized as maps. These maps provide a natural coordinate system, which...

Briefs: Software
Software for Modeling Dynamics of Optical Interferometers

The Single Mode Acquisition Code (SMAC) computer program mathematically models the optical, mechanical, and electronic dynamics of high-finesse, long-baseline, multiple-cavity optical interferometers like those used in gravity-wave detectors. Dynamical situations that can be simulated...