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Briefs: Software
Software for Developing Autopilots for Launch Rockets

Three integrated software products are being developed for use in the further development of autopilot systems for reusable launch vehicles (RLVs). The need for these products arises because of the unique nature of RLVs:

Briefs: Software
Program Simulates Performance of a Hybrid Automobile

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Analysis (HEVA) computer program numerically simulates the performance of an automotive vehicle -- especially a hybrid vehicle. A vehicle is said to be hybrid if (1) it contains an energy-storage device (a battery, flywheel, or ultra-capacitor) that is charged with...

Briefs: Software
Generic Graphical-User-Interface Program for FORTRAN Input

The NLEDIT computer program implements a generic graphical user interface for the preprocessing of FORTRAN namelist input files. The interface consists of a menu system, a message window, a help system, and data-entry forms. A form is generated for each namelist. The form includes an...

Briefs: Software
Software for Analysis and Design of Turbomachinery Seals

Several computer programs, denoted collectively as the "CFD Seal Analysis Industrial Codes," have been developed to enable rapid parametric analyses and optimization of designs of a variety of turbomachinery seals. These programs could be used to design the seals that will be needed in...

Briefs: Software
Program Computes Flightpaths From Point Radar Sightings

A computer program estimates great-circle-arc (GARC) flightpaths of multiple aircraft, given time-tagged point locations from radar sightings of the aircraft. The problem of generating such estimates is called a "clustering" problem, and is solved in this instance by use of a...

Briefs: Software
Program for Conceptual Design of an Attitude-Control System

A report describes the ACS Design Tool - a Macintosh- and PC-based computer program for evaluating conceptual designs of a spacecraft attitude-control system (ACS) within a computation time of about 15 minutes. Services provided by the program include computation of ACS performance and...

Briefs: Software
Program Computes Equilibrium Compositions of Mixtures

The Chemical Equilibrium with Applications (CEA) computer program is used to obtain chemical-equilibrium compositions of complex mixtures. This program can be applied to a wide variety of problems in chemistry and chemical engineering. Specifically, CEA is applicable to the following kinds of...

Briefs: Software
Simulation by Logical Modeling of Costs

The Simulation by Logical Modeling of Costs (SIBYL/COST) software subsystem is used by logistical and financial analysts to develop cost projections of labor and hardware requirements for preparation of space shuttle main engine (SSME) spares proposals, SSME program operating plans (POPs), and special...

Briefs: Software
Application Specific Integrated Circuit Physical Layout for the RSDL ASIC

An integrated circuit physical layout has been developed for the RSDL ASIC™ — an integrated circuit that encodes telemetry data and transfers the data (which are grouped together in transfer frames) to a radio transmitter. The RSDL ASIC is described in "ASIC for...

Briefs: Software
Program Counts Lines of Source Code

The Source Lines of Code Count (SLOCC) computer program counts the number of source lines of a computer code, as an aid in the management of software, documentation of code, estimation of cost, and satisfying miscellaneous code-metric needs. SLOCC accommodates the following programming languages: Ada, Pascal,...

Briefs: Software
Quick and Unusually Easy Repository Search Software

The Quick and Unusually Easy Repository Search computer program simplifies the search for information contained in a repository of documents at Marshall Space Flight Center. Searching for information on the basis of general subjects can be very time-consuming and frustrating: The repository at...

Briefs: Software
Program for Design Analysis of Cache Memory

CACHESIM is a C-language computer program that simulates (1) cache-memory options associated with a computer hardware design concept and (2) related properties that can be expected to affect the overall performance of the computer, before the computer is constructed. Heretofore, the performance...

Briefs: Software
Software for Retrieval and Display of Planetary Data

The NASAView computer program provides access to, and display of, sets of scientific data in the Planetary Data System (PDS) archive. These data — totalling about 5 terabytes — were acquired during NASA's planetary-exploration missions and are stored along with descriptive information...

Briefs: Software
Program for Microanalysis of Composite Structures

Version 3.0 of the Boundary Element Solutions Technology Composite Modeling System (BESTCMS 3.0) is an advanced engineering software system for the microanalysis of fiber composite structures. BESTCMS is based on the BEST3D boundary-element program (COSMIC program LEW-15351). BESTCMS affords...

Briefs: Software
Software for Tooth-Contact Analysis of Spiral Bevel Gears

The SBGTAPER computer program implements a method for design and generation of spiral bevel gears that feature tapered teeth with localized bearing contact and a low level of transmission errors. The influence of misalignment on transmission errors and shift of bearing contact were...

Briefs: Software
Program for Simulating Dynamics of Multibody Systems

The Dynamics Algorithms for Real-Time Simulation (DARTS) computer program solves the equations of motion of tree-topology, flexible, and/or multibody mechanical systems as diverse as molecules, mechanisms, robots, spacecraft, and ground vehicles. It has proven to be particularly useful for...

Briefs: Software
Software for Scheduling Use of Shared Resources

The Quick Utility for Intelligence Planning and Scheduling (QUIPS) computer program automates the scheduling of resources that must be shared among multiple tasks or groups. Designed to aid coordination of military intelligence operations at the division and brigade levels, QUIPS might also prove...

Briefs: Software
Software for Processing SAR Images of the Polar Oceans

The RADARSAT/ERS-1,2 Geophysical Processor System (RGPS) is an automated system of hardware and software that processes synthetic-aperture-radar (SAR) images of ice and open water in polar oceans to generate higher-level geophysical-data products. Information in such products includes the...

Briefs: Software
Software for Development of Spacecraft-Simulation Programs

DARTS Shell (Dshell) is a multimission spacecraft simulator for the development, integration, and test of flight software and hardware. Dshell reduces the time and cost of developing simulation programs by enabling the development of the software in modular, reusable form and by...

Briefs: Software
Software for Tracking the Performance of Other Software

The Flight Software Memory Tracker (FMT) computer program is a collection of utility subprograms developed for use on the ground to track images of the flight software (FSW) in the computers aboard the Cassini spacecraft. [As used here, "images" signifies both (1) the memory load and...

Briefs: Software
ICAN/PART - Integrated Particulate Composite Analyzer

The Integrated Particulate Composite Analyzer (ICAN/PART) computer program is a modified version of the Integrated Composite Analyzer (ICAN) program (LEW-15592/LEW-15832), which was developed to conduct analyses of the micromechanics of fiber-reinforced polymer-matrix composite materials....

Briefs: Software
Web-Based Software for Coordinating Work

WWWorkflow is a language-driven, data-base-mediated, web-based process mediation system. WWWorkflow leverages on intranet applications and existing information infrastructure services, making it possible to add workflow management features to preexisting information management systems, without the need...

Briefs: Software
Virtual-Reality Platform-Independent Software for Access to Mars Data

The Virtual Reality Mars Atlas User Interface (VR-MAUI) provides an atlaslike interface for access to Mars data. This access is provided via the World Wide Web, using JAVA. Within VR-MAUI, images are organized as maps. These maps provide a natural coordinate system, which...

Briefs: Software
Software for Modeling Dynamics of Optical Interferometers

The Single Mode Acquisition Code (SMAC) computer program mathematically models the optical, mechanical, and electronic dynamics of high-finesse, long-baseline, multiple-cavity optical interferometers like those used in gravity-wave detectors. Dynamical situations that can be simulated...

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