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On-Demand Webinars: Defense

Integration of modeling and simulation in a common platform enables rapid evaluation of airframe design changes. This 60-minute Webinar will...

Special Reports: Information Technology
Power Electronics - August 2022

This compendium of recent articles from the editors of Tech Briefs and Aerospace & Defense Technology looks at the latest advances in power electronics and energy storage for a range of applications...

Special Reports: Manned Systems
Space Technology - July 2022

Read about a novel approach to space mining, an advanced propulsion system for hypersonic flight to Mach 17, how digital technology is fueling a new space economy, and much more in this compendium of recent...

Articles: Software

This column presents technologies that have applications in commercial areas, possibly creating the products of tomorrow. To learn more about each technology, see the contact information provided for that...

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Decarbonization goals across the globe are leading to an increased adoption of electric vehicles. With electric car sales soaring, even the most successful...

Briefs: Software

With a training technique commonly used to teach dogs to sit and stay, computer scientists showed a robot how to teach itself several new tricks including stacking blocks. With the...

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We've made some impressive strides from both a societal and industry perspective in the face of this unrelenting pandemic. And while the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry has been hit...

Products: Electronics & Computers
Dual Locking C14 IEC Connector

The SG03DC from MEGA Electronics, New Brunswick, NJ, contains side locking tabs similar to the Raritan Securelock. It will mate with any standard nonlocking C13 Outlet along...

Articles: Software

This column presents technologies that have applications in commercial areas, possibly creating the products of tomorrow. To learn more about each technology, see the contact information provided for that...

Briefs: Software
The new computer simulation method can equip engineers and doctors with better information.
Question of the Week: Software
Are You Taking a ‘Model-Based’ Design Approach?

A reader had the following question for an industry expert from the Germany-based simulation services provider Siemens:

Blog: Software
A reader asks about the role of simulation when automakers like Toyota have a more “model-based” design approach.
Briefs: Software
The simulations provide insight on the models needed to simulate a full-scale landing event.
Blog: Design
A reader asks: Is the design approach for electric vehicles similar to a vehicle with an internal combustion engine?
Articles: Automotive
SAE WCX 2022 will convene the engineering community to connect, learn, and collaborate on the biggest issues facing the mobility industry.
Podcasts: Design
A new approach to designing luge sleds could help shave off those extra 1/1000 of a second that can be the difference between silver and gold at the Olympics.
Articles: Energy
A new model visualizes the relationship between hydrodynamic and electrochemical phenomena.
Articles: Motion Control
Create systems that efficiently and accurately complete testing cycles.
Articles: Software
Learn how design engineers are making better gas meters.
Products: Electronics & Computers
COMSOL announces version 6.0 of its Multiphysics® software.
Products: Test & Measurement
Microwave measurement receivers, oscilloscopes, longwave infrared cameras, and more.
Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
Biological insights of fruit fly eye movements could enhance robotics.
Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
Biobots based on muscle cells can swim at unprecedented velocities.
Articles: Automotive
Learn what to look for when selecting computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programming software for the DED manufacturing process.
Articles: Software
Semiconductor companies are looking for better tools and practices to maximize the efficiency of their design-validation processes.
Products: Electronics & Computers
Rugged laptops, DC-DC converters, CMOS sensors, and more.
Articles: Imaging
These 12 products are the nominees for the 2021 Tech Briefs Readers’ Choice Product of the Year.
Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
UAVs can land on moving unmanned ground vehicles without GPS.
Briefs: Software
It can also find the nearest electric wall outlet to recharge without human assistance.