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Explore the fast-paced developments in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Access the essential technical briefs and resources for design engineers working in manufacturing and medical industries.

Articles: Electronics & Computers
Machine and system designers now have greater options in choosing a motor to meet motion control requirements.
Blog: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Cornell researcher T.J. Wallin explains what's so cool about a robot that sweats.
Blog: Manufacturing & Prototyping
NASA is using the International Space Station as a testbed for 3D printing.
Blog: Test & Measurement
As additive manufacturing supports the creation of critical metal parts, designers need to know that the parts are high-quality.
Application Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
AM is an especially good fit for products that require a high level of customization.
Briefs: Materials
This electronic pill can relay diagnostic information or release drugs in response to smartphone commands.
Application Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
NASA and universities from across the country are teaming up to support a continued human presence on the Moon and ultimately Mars.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
If you want to pursue in-house PCB prototyping and testing, there are several routes you can take.
Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
Various components are used to assemble robots that are more aware of their surroundings.
INSIDER: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Rutgers engineers have embedded high performance electrical circuits inside 3D-printed plastics, which could lead to smaller and versatile drones and better-performing small...

Briefs: Nanotechnology
The nanogenerator also acts as a weather station.
Briefs: Photonics/Optics
The method could impact optical imaging, vision correction, and disease diagnosis.
Blog: Imaging
Computed tomography is being used in the medical and industrial field. An expert explains how the two imaging techniques differ.
Briefs: Test & Measurement

Undercooled metal technology was developed that features liquid metal (in this case, Field's metal, an alloy of bismuth, indium, and tin) trapped below its melting point in polished,...

Facility Focus: Test & Measurement
In recent decades, NSF-funded researchers have discovered quite a bit, including many of the fundamental particles of matter.
Articles: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Products: Test & Measurement
3D-printing platforms, simulation software, transistors, and more.
Briefs: Photonics/Optics

Contact lenses that can monitor the wearer’s health and correct eyesight use embedded electronics. These, and other curved devices such as solar cells and electronics, could be...

Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping

A fully print-in-place technique for electronics could enable technologies such as high-adhesion, embedded electronic tattoos and bandages with patient-specific...

Articles: Test & Measurement
Machine vision systems shed light on processes too small or too fast to see with the human eye.
Briefs: Transportation

UCLA engineers have made major improvements on their design of an optical neural network — a device inspired by how the human brain works — that can identify objects or process...

Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Systems such as magnetic data storage devices and MRI body scan machines rely on magnets made from solid materials. Now, using a modified 3D printer, scientists have made magnetic devices from...

Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control

A set of five tiny fundamental parts can be assembled into a wide variety of functional devices including a tiny “walking” motor that can move back and forth across a surface or...

Briefs: Materials

3D printers that build small parts layer by layer from melted plastic can take up to an hour to produce a pocket-sized piece. This process is far too slow for the mass-production of...

Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Materials with controlled porosity have found diverse applications in separation, catalysis, energy storage, sensors and actuators, tissue engineering, and drug delivery. Multiple...

Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping

3D printing via direct laser writing involves a computer-controlled focused laser beam that acts as a pen and creates the desired structure in the printer ink — a photoresist. In this...

Briefs: Transportation

An advanced manufacturing process was developed to produce nano-structured rods and tubes directly from high-performance aluminum alloy powder in a single step. Using a Solid Phase Processing...

Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems

Researchers have 3D-printed an all-liquid device that, with the click of a button, can be repeatedly reconfigured on demand to serve a wide range of applications from making battery materials to screening drug...

NASA Spinoff: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Developing meals for long-duration missions is leading to personalized 3D-printed food.