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Briefs: Physical Sciences
Spatial Standard Observer

An accurate visibility metric is produced with relatively few calculations.

This invention relates to the devices and methods for the measurement and/or for the specification of the perceptual...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
Use of Selective Oxidation Catalyst for Amperometric Sensing Electrode

A modified oxidation catalyst material can be used to build a carbon-monoxide-sensing electrode for amperometric sensors to overcome the typical cross-sensitivity of these...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
Simple Subset Wizard

The Simple Subset Wizard (SSW) was developed for the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) to simplify the myriad ways of ordering or obtaining subsets of satellite data from EOSDIS’ different data...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
COEDI Instrument Design Development for the GEOCAPE Mission

A document describes a coastal ocean color instrument for geostationary orbit that meets the science requirements within a size, mass, and cost package that is acceptable within current...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
Intercalibration of Measurements from Microwave Sensors

A study discusses a robust intercalibration technique using a well validated radiative transfer code that can be applied to the higher-frequency sounding channels for the NASA Global...

News: Physical Sciences
Magnetically Stimulated Flow Patterns Could Solve Heat Transfer Problems

Sandia National Laboratories researchers Jim Martin and Kyle Solis have discovered a way to harness magnetic fields to create vigorous, organized fluid flows in particle...

Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Laser Spider Web Sensor Used With Portable Handheld Devices

A powerful tool in understanding the role that greenhouse gasses play in climate change would be real-time data from laser chemical sensors providing concentrations and locations of key...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
Wireless Sensor Node for Autonomous Monitoring and Alerts in Remote Environments

The current radio infrastructure for firefighters provides voice communications, but does not support data transfer capability for continuous monitoring of people in...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
Life-Detecting Radar

A new device detects the heartbeat and respiration of victims trapped in rubble or disaster debris, and reduces the time required to initiate a rescue. Searchers would like to distinguish live victims from those who have...

Briefs: Physical Sciences
High-Energy Lithium Flow Cells With Sulfur Cathodes for Transportation Applications

Since the entry of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries into the market, considerable improvements have been made in their gravimetric and volumetric energy...

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