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3D Visualization in Geospatial Analysis
Digital Imaging Systems for Ballistics Testing
NASA Begins a New Journey of Exploration
Talking Mars
The Technology of Curiosity
An Ionic Twist on Hair Care
The GigE Vision® Interface Standard: Transforming Medical Imaging
Industry Contributions to Mars Rover

Who's Who

Steve Gaddis, Program Director for NASA Space Technology's Game Changing Development Office, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: Dell Precision M4700 and M6700
Imaging Sensor
GigE Vision Cameras
Digital High-Speed Cameras
CCD Scientific Cameras
Human-Machine Interface
3D Visualization
Infrared Camera
Blue Tunable Laser
Smart Camera
Optical Matrix Switch
DC Cabling
Machinable Glass Ceramic
Fiber-Pigtailed Laser
Digital Laser Diode Driver
CMOS Cameras
Diode Laser Bars
Silicone Solar Cables
Near-Infrared Photon Counter
InGaAs Camera
Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Tools

Application Briefs

Photovoltaic Tracking Control Systems
CAD/CAE Software Enables NASA to Head Back to Mars
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Modular, Rapid Propellant Loading System/Cryogenic Testbed
Compact, Low-Force, Low-Noise Linear Actuator
Loop Heat Pipe With Thermal Control Valve as a Variable Thermal Link
Process for Measuring Over-Center Distances
Mars Technology Rover with Arm-Mounted Percussive Coring Tool, Microimager, and Sample-Handling Encapsulation Containerization Subsystem


Resin-Impregnated Carbon Ablator: A New Ablative Material for Hyperbolic Entry Speeds
Self-Cleaning Particulate Prefilter Media
Polyurea-Based Aerogel Monoliths and Composites


Conjugate Heat Transfer
Surface Plasmon Resonance
Software Creates and Analyzes Lightning Protection Solutions for Wind Turbines
Computing Radiative Transfer in a 3D Medium
Water Detection Based on Object Reflections
SATPLOT for Analysis of SECCHI Heliospheric Imager Data
Low-Cost Telemetry System for Small/Micro Satellites
Plug-in Plan Tool v3.0.3.1
Architectural Implementation of NASA Space Telecommunications Radio System Specification
Autonomous Rover Traverse and Precise Arm Placement on Remotely Designated Targets
Operator Interface and Control Software for the Reconfigurable Surface System Tri-ATHLETE
Nonlinear Estimation Approach to Real-Time Georegistration from Aerial Images
Optimal Force Control of Vibro-Impact Systems for Autonomous Drilling Applications
Journal and Wave Bearing Impedance Calculation Software
Scalable Integrated Multi-Mission Support System (SIMSS) Simulator Release 2.0 for GMSEC
Linked-List-Based Multibody Dynamics (MBDyn) Engine
Frequency Correction for MIRO Chirp Transformation Spectroscopy Spectrum
Jet and Tropopause Products for Analysis and Characterization (JETPAC)
Multi-Mission Power Analysis Tool (MMPAT) Version 3
Jupiter Environment Tool
WGM Temperature Tracker
Large Terrain Continuous Level of Detail 3D Visualization Tool
Earth-Science Data Co-Locating Tool
Algorithms for Determining Physical Responses of Structures Under Load
CometQuest: A Rosetta Adventure
Mission Analysis, Operations, and Navigation Toolkit Environment (Monte) Version 040
Tiled WMS/KML Server V2
Where’s My Data — WMD
Dig Hazard Assessment Using a Stereo Pair of Cameras
Mars Express Forward Link Capabilities for the Mars Relay Operations Service (MaROS)
FERMI/GLAST Integrated Trending and Plotting System Release 5.0
Scalable Integrated Multi-Mission Support System Simulator Release 3.0
Policy-Based Negotiation Engine for Cross-Domain Interoperability
WMS Server 2.0
High-Performance Modeling and Simulation of Anchoring in Granular Media for NEO Applications
Mobile Multi-System Overview
Ascent/Descent Software
I-FORCAST: Rapid Flight Planning Tool
Leveraging Cloud Computing to Improve Storage Durability, Availability, and Cost for MER Maestro
Simulation Leads to Better Cooling of Electronic Components in Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Lightweight Metal Matrix Composite Segmented for Manufacturing High-Precision Mirrors
Plasma Treatment To Remove Carbon From Indium UV Filters
3D Printing with FDM: Real Parts, Real Possibilities

Physical Sciences

Lightweight, Miniature Inertial Measurement System
Optical Density Analysis of X-Rays Utilizing Calibration Tooling to Estimate Thickness of Parts
Measurement Techniques for Clock Jitter
Fuel Cell/ Electrochemical Cell Voltage Monitor
Anomaly Detection Techniques With Real Test Data From a Spinning Turbine Engine-Like Rotor
Measuring Air Leaks Into the Vacuum Space of Large Liquid Hydrogen Tanks
Antenna Calibration and Measurement Equipment
Vision-Aided Autonomous Landing and Ingress of Micro Aerial Vehicles
Whispering Gallery Mode Optomechanical Resonator
Self-Sealing Wet Chemistry Cell for Field Analysis
Multiplexed Force and Deflection Sensing Shell Membranes for Robotic Manipulators


Beat-to-Beat Blood Pressure Monitor
Developing Physiologic Models for Emergency Medical Procedures Under Microgravity
Improving Balance Function Using Low Levels of Electrical Stimulation of the Balance Organs
Hands-Free Transcranial Color Doppler Probe
Portable Intravenous Fluid Production Device for Ground Use
Adaptation of a Filter Assembly to Assess Microbial Bioburden of Pressurant Within a Propulsion System
PMA-Linked Fluorescence for Rapid Detection of Viable Bacterial Endospores
Pre-Validated Medical Packaging Solution
Silk Microneedles Deliver Controlled-Release Drugs Painlessly
Portable Intravenous Fluid Production Device for Ground Use
Development of a Low- Cost, Portable Biosensor for Blood Protein Detection
Non-Invasive Instrument for Skin Cancer Screening


Glass Solder Approach for Robust, Low-Loss, Fiber-to- Waveguide Coupling
General MACOS Interface for Modeling and Analysis for Controlled Optical Systems
ASIC Readout Circuit Architecture for Large Geiger Photodiode Arrays

Electronics & Computers

Telerobotics Workstation (TRWS) for Deep Space Habitats
Single-Pole Double-Throw MMIC Switches for a Microwave Radiometer
On Shaft Data Acquisition System (OSDAS)
Flexible Architecture for FPGAs in Embedded Systems
Fault-Tolerant, Real-Time, Multi-Core Computer System
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Heat Seal Solutions for Flexible Film
Fast-Cooking Pasta
Diagnostic Indicators on Consumer Packaging
Graphene as Filler for Thermoplastic Nanocomposites

Tech for License

Gauge Calibrates Three-Dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Inspection Technology Identifies Surface Defects
Razor “Saws” Hair for Easier Shaving
Medical Valves Withstand Magnetic Fields