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Getting Green and Staying Green
Electric Actuators Deliver Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance Solutions
Designing Electro-Optical Sensors Using Collaborative Systems Engineering Technology

Who's Who

Gary Martin, Director, New Ventures & Communications Directorate, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

Products of the Month

Graphical System Design Software
Machine Controller
Level Switch
Rotary Position Sensor
Motion Control Card
Air Bearing Actuator
Linear Motor Stages
Cylinder Position Sensor
Fiber Optic Rotary Encoder
Axis Compensation Unit
Product of the Month: Short-Pulse Ultrafast Laser
VGA Cameras
Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
Vision Software
Machine Vision Software
Photodarkening-Resistant Fibers
Ambient Light Sensor ICs
Digital Wavefront Analyzing System
DUV Dynamic Interferometer
Thin Film Measurement Instrument
LED Color Correction Filters
Marking Laser
Organic Photovoltaic Technology
Specialty Fibers for Er:YAG Lasers
Fiber Optic Switches
Light Guide Foils
High-Speed Nanopositioner

Application Briefs

Tool Coil Springs Aid in Hubble Repairs
Fire Suppression System Protects Giant Crawler Transporters
Fanuc Painting Robot Boosts Production for Metal Finisher
HEIDENHAIN Gauge Facilitates Precision Stereology Research
Magnetic Rotary Encoders Aid Remote Control Vehicle
Choosing Optics for Medical Lasers

Eye on Innovation

Return on Investment of Model-Based Design: Increasing Innovation Capacity
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Low-Noise MMIC Amplifiers for 120 to 180 GHz
Three MMIC Amplifiers for the 120-to-200 GHz Frequency Band

Mechanics & Machinery

Light-Driven Polymeric Bimorph Actuators
T-Slide Linear Actuators
Ultra-Large Solar Sail
Cooperative Three-Robot System for Traversing Steep Slopes
Assemblies of Conformal Tanks
Microfluidic Pumps Containing Teflon® AF Diaphragms

Information Sciences

Guaranteeing Failsafe Operation of Extended-Scene Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Algorithm
Integrated Risk and Knowledge Management Program — IRKM-P
Constructing LDPC Codes From Loop-Free Encoding Modules
LDPC Codes With Minimum Distance Proportional to Block Size
Extending Newtonian Dynamics to Include Stochastic Processes


Using Ozone To Clean and Passivate Oxygen-Handling Hardware
Two-Piece Screens for Decontaminating Granular Material
Metal Standards for Waveguide Characterization of Materials

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Mercuric Iodide Anticoincidence Shield for Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
Improved Method of Design for Folding Inflatable Shells

Physical Sciences

Cloud Water Content Sensor for Sounding Balloons and Small UAVs
Pixelized Device Control Actuators for Large Adaptive Optics
Transparent Conveyor of Dielectric Liquids or Particles
Multi-Cone Model for Estimating GPS Ionospheric Delays
Progress Toward a Compact, Highly Stable Ion Clock
High-Sensitivity GaN Microchemical Sensors
On the Divergence of the Velocity Vector in Real-Gas Flow
Instruments for Imaging From Far to Near
Reflectors Made From Membranes Stretched Between Beams


Instruments for Imaging From Far to Near
Reflectors Made From Membranes Stretched Between Beams

Electronics & Computers

G⁴FET Implementations of Some Logic Circuits
Complementary Paired G⁴FETs as Voltage-Controlled NDR Device
Electrically Variable or Programmable Nonvolatile Capacitors
System for Automated Calibration of Vector Modulators
MMICs With Radial Probe Transitions to Waveguides
Tests of Low-Noise MMIC Amplifier Module at 290 to 340 GHz
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Technologies to Protect Crop Plants From Pesticide Damage
Small, Mechanical Valve for Use With Propellant Gas

NASA Tech Needs

NASA Engineering Polymer Development Needs

Tech for License

Accurate Laser Micro-Etching
Microscopically Reinforced Polymers Without Fibers or Fillers